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Something like Photoshop's "Auto-align layers" for video?


Hey guys,
I’m trying to restore missing picture information from a 4x3 source that was badly cropped to 16x9. Luckily, the original DVDs were in 4x3 so I’m using this to fill in the missing sections of the image.

I’ve been working on some shots manually by resizing and distorting one video layer, using the Difference blending mode to see how it lines up to the other. However, it takes too long for the amount of shots I have to do and the results are sometimes underwhelming for the time I put in.

I was wondering if there was a way of auto-aligning two identical video layers with After Effects, similar to the “Auto-align layers” feature in Photoshop? If not, I’m sure some of you know of another way 😃

Thanks for your help!