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Some Random Ideas for a New, Original Sci-Fi Universe


Guys, I had some ideas for the lore of a hypothetical new sci-fi universe, and I would like to share them with you.

So… The thing goes more or less like this:

10 billion years ago, the Universe was completely empty of life. Although there were tens and hundreds of billions of habitable planets, no intelligent civilization had developed in the entire Universe. However, at some point intelligent life has developed on an Earth-like planet, in a Galaxy far away from the Milky Way. The intelligent race that evolved on this planet is us, the Humans. Therefore, Human beings didn’t originate on Earth, but on a distant planet in a distant Galaxy.

After studying and exploring the Universe, the Original Humans realized that they were the only intelligent life form, so they decided to populate the Universe, creating billions of colonies and sending robotic probes with organic components inside, to spread life in the Universe and populate it. Billions of years later, the Original Human Race became extinct, but the Universe was full of civilizations, all exactly one equal to the other, all with a Human appearance. One of this Human civilizations is us, the Humans of the Earth. The Humans of the Earth have evolved thanks to the organic material brought to Earth by one of the robotic probes sent by the Original Human Race, and we look like them because they’re our ancestors.

Now it’s the 27th Century, and Earth’s Human Race has come into contact with many other Human Races that populate the Milky Way Galaxy. There are some Human Races that are in conflict for political reasons, and other Human Races that are in conflict for religious reasons, since some Human Races consider themselves the first descendants of the Original Human Race, and thus they consider themselves superior to all the other Human Races that populate the Universe.

These are the main Human interstellar powers of the Milky Way Galaxy:

  1. The Terran Federation: It’s an Interstellar Federal Republic that includes the Earth, Earth’s colonies in the Solar System and various Human civilizations that developed on other close Systems, that have nothing to do with the Terran Humans but voluntarily joined the Federation anyways. In this universe the Nemesis Theory is true, so the Sun is orbited by a Brown dwarf star, which is orbited by a habitable planet that was colonized by Earth’s Humans in the late 2100s and is part of the Federation, just like the colonies of Mars, the Moon, Venus, etc. The Federation is composed by 5000 planets, and its capital Is located in Berlin.

  2. The Alcobata Empire: It’s an authoritarian military dictatorship, which extols war, conquest and militarism. The point of origin of this civilization is the star Theta Persei, in the constellation Perseus. It’s an aggressive and xenophobic civilization, which doesn’t like to interact with the other Human Races that inabit the Milky Way Galaxy. Due to various bacteriological warfare experiments conducted on their home planet centuries ago, their entire race was infected with a virus that made them become incapable of reproducing. So, in order to prevent their culture from dying, they often kidnap members of other Human Races, erase their memory and brainwash them. Their Empire is composed by 1000 planets.

  3. The Karistus Community: It’s a civilization that has an economic and political system similar to Soviet Communism. The point of origin of this Human civilization is the planet Kepler 442b, in the constellation Lyra. After a war with the Alcobata Empire, their civilization was almost completely destroyed, so they were forced to abandon their home planet and colonize the planets orbiting the stars of the Pleiades. Within the Pleiades they formed a sort of hyper-technological Communist Empire, and they try to remain neutral, even if they have good relations with the Terran Federation.

  4. The Zeta Theocracy: It’s a civilization based on a theocratic system. They worship the Original Human Race as gods, and consider themselves superior to all other Human Races in the Milky Way Galaxy, as they claim to be direct descendents of the first colony ever established by the Original Humans in the Milky Way billions of years ago. Since they consider themselves superior, then they feel entitled to rule the entire Galaxy and conquer the other Human Races. Until a few decades earlier, they were at war with the Alcobata Empire, but now the two sides have reached an armistice. In addition, they’re into a Cold War with the Terran Federation. The origin point of this Human civilization is the double system of Zeta Reticuli, and their Empire is composed by 34.000 planets.

What do you think of my ideas? Do you find them interesting?

«No one is guilty of being born a slave. But the slave to whom not only aspirations for freedom are alien, but who justifies and paints his slavery in rosy colors, such a slave is a lackey and a brute who arouses a legitimate sense of indignation, disgust and repugnance.»

— Vladimir Lenin


This does sound interesting! I like it! There’s some good stories to be told here.

You’ll laugh! You’ll cry! You’ll kiss three bucks goodbye!