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Sin City - Kill 'Em Good (The Recut and Extended Edition) (Released)


This edit is a reorganization of the 2005 Sin City extended cut, with the addition of the shorts: “The Long Bad Night” and “A Dame to Kill For” from the 2014 Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.

The shorts used from A Dame to Kill For have been edited to reduce three things:

  • Minimize sequel Nancy’s screen time as much as possible (leaving only 313 frames),
  • Reduce Marv’s screen time (personal preference, I had no special attachment to Mickey Rourke’s portrayal of Marv in the sequel),
  • And provide minor alterations to assist the idea this movie may have a continuity.

This does not rearrange the shorts into chronological order, but it does take what I believe to be the best shorts from the 2014 release and integrates them into the original. No scenes have been cut from the original Sin City, but the extended edition was first reorganized to resemble the theatrical cut.

Clocking in at 3 hours and 16 minutes, this is what I believe to be the complete extended cut of Sin City.

Movie each scene belongs to:

(1) Sin City Theatrical
(2) Sin City: Recut, Extended, & Unrated
(3) Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

Unless otherwise noted by *, each scene is unchanged, only rearranged to fit the narrative of the original theatrical cut.

Movie Structure:

  • Fanedit Intro Animation
  • The Customer is Always Right Part 1 (2)
  • Intro Cinematic (1)
  • That Yellow Bastard Part 1 (2)
  • The Hard Goodbye (2)
  • The Big Fat Kill (2)
  • A Dame to Kill For* (3)
  • The Long Bad Night* (3)
  • That Yellow Bastard Part 2* (2)
  • The Customer is Always Right Part 2 (2)
  • End Credits (3)

Change list for A Dame to Kill For (in order of appearance or lack thereof):

  1. When Manute arrives for Ava in Katie’s bar, Marv no longer makes an appearance.
  2. After being thrown out his window by Manute, the scene goes straight to Dwight asking Marv for help. We no longer see Nancy.
  3. Quick cut during the car ride to the Lord residence, reducing Marv’s closeups.
  4. After escaping, the drive to Old Town has been edited to remove the police chase. This removes the contradiction of seeing the girls of Old Town decimating a cop car (with what we can assume still holds its driver). This was especially important to edit as this short plays right after “The Big Fat Kill” in which the plot revolved around the death of one cop.
  5. Using Adobe After Effects “Change to Color” effect, I’ve changed Manute’s golden eye to red. This was done to lessen the resemblance between Michael Clarke Duncan and Dennis Haysbert’s portrayal in the movies. The idea is to give the impression that Manute is not one person, but a name given to one of great strength (for example) who works for those in power in Sin City. Comparison can be found here:

Change list for The Long Bad Night:

  1. Rather than a part 1 and 2, this now plays from start to finish.

  2. Removed shot of Marv asking what Johnny plans to do with the money.

  3. All but a quick cameo of Nancy is removed. Due to the removal of Nancy, I had to reorganize several frames to attempt bringing the scenes together. This is the current setup:


Change list for That Yellow Bastard Part 2:

  1. This short is the unchanged extended version, with the exception of one scene. The release of the extended edition had 7 seconds removed during John and Nancy’s conversation in the motel. In order to deliver the full extended edition, I’ve re-added those 7 seconds.

While my master copies are sitting at roughly 300 gb, I’ve finished uploading a workprint 2 gb file for preview purposes. If it all possible, I would like to get a few second opinions on the current edit. I’m fairly happy with the final version, but as I am most likely bias, I would love to hear what others think before I call this edit complete!


I am a huge fan of Sin City, the first movie is amazing the way it is, but when it comes to the second one … well some parts are really good but others are like ammm awkward af hahahaha, anyway, your cut/edition sounds really cool, I’m interested on it, how can I watch it?


Well you can watch it soon, but not quite yet unfortunately. Something always seemed off to me when using clips from the 2014 release next to the 2005, and your comment made me look back on my project files to see if it was good to go for a render.

I finally found the little problem with A Dame to Kill For: the video is pristine, clean and very… digital; while the original wasn’t to the same extent. I looked closely and the problem that has escaped me until now is I have to add a light grain plate, and do some color correction. I have a few other projects I’m doing now, but will be revisiting this edit soon for a final release.

Till then, I’ll keep you posted!


Any updates? I’d really like to see what this looks like so I hope it isn’t dead.


Any plans on still releasing this edit, it’s been a while and the project seemed to be pretty much complete already at the time of the last update. In the case you’ve unfortunately abandoned it for whatever reason, I was planning on just doing it myself using mostly the same structure plan you’ve thought up. But before I proceed I’d like to make sure of the status of the project since I’d hate to do it and then find you’ve released your (very likely much superior) edit a week later.


Can you please send me the link to the fanedit?


This sounds awesome! Any updates? Would love to see it and Im not picky about quality as long as it is watchable 😉