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Saved by the Bell in chronological order (a WIP)


I’m working on a 25 disc (SL) set of Saved by the Bell that puts the episodes in the proper chronological order, which is not the order the official DVDs are in, nor the NBC airing order. NBC aired them all out of order for some crazy reason. My DVDs will be in the production order presented here:, for the most part at least. I’m using his suggestions and moving around some of the epsiodes where I see fit, such as the Palm Springs, Christmas, and Tori episodes. I’ll post a list of my complete order later, when I get home. I’m also including the 13 episode unreleased Junior High Years (AKA Good Morning, Miss Bliss) recorded from TBS, and I’ll be converting the DVDs of the unreleased on DVD in the US of the two TV movies. Each episode disc will have four episodes on it. Basically everything from the official DVDs will be preserved, except the subtitles. The episodes that include commentary will have optional subtitles, however.

I’m also going to include optional allternate audio on the episode “King of the Hill” removing the line from Zack at the beginning, “I’ll never forget the day I met Slater”… or something like that, which was used to imply the episode was a flashback when it originally aired. I’m going to edit the audio on the Miss Bliss episodes to remove everything that contradicts the “real” SbtB, such as references to Indiana, Zack and Screech’s siblings and I’m going to see if I can make Zack’s Miss Bliss-dating dad into his uncle. All of these changes will be Audio-only, and I will also include the original audio. My JFK Jr High is going to be right next door to Bayside. At the end of the last Miss Bliss episode, I will also include a text description of what happened between it and “King of the Hill”:

What we missed:

Shortly before Zack and the gang graduated from JFK Jr. High, Mr. Belding accounced to his students that he was being transfered to neighboring Bayside High. Joining him would be Zack, Lisa and Screech. Mikey and Nikki unfortunatly won’t be joining them, as their parents moved away from California, rumor has it, to Indianapolis or someplace like that. Jessie Spano was one of Zack’s oldest childhood friends. Zack didn’t get to see her during his 8th grade year, however, as her and her family were temporarily re-located. It seemed that Jessie was back in Palasades for good again now, though! There was a girl Zack had been trying to build up the courage to approach for almost 2 years now… Kelly Kapowski. She was the most gorgeous creature Zack had ever laid eyes upon and this year, he would finally make his move…

What does everyone think about this project? It would also include all of the High School Zack intros (optionally) made for NBC when they turned GMMB into SbtB and also the Miss Bliss original opening as a bonus.

Here is my episode order and disc layout:

25 DISCS: Saved by the Bell: The Complete Series

Disc 1:
Summer Love
Love Letters
Wall Street
Leaping to Conclusions

Disc 2:
Parents and Teachers
The Showdown
Save the Last Dance for Me
The Boy Who Cried Rat

Disc 3:
Let’s Get Together
Practical Jokes
Clubs and Cliques

Disc 4:
The Mentor
King of the Hill
Fatal Distraction
Screech’s Woman

Disc 5:
The Gift
The Lisa Card
The Election
Aloha Slater

Disc 6:
Dancing to the Max
The Substitute
Cream for a Day
The Mamas & The Papas

Disc 7:
The Babysitters
Pinned to the Mat
Beauty and the Screech
The Zack Tapes

Disc 8:
The Friendship Business
Close Encounters of the Nerd Kind
Slater’s Friend
Save That Tiger

Disc 9:
Screech’s Birthday
Blind Dates
The Prom
From Nurse to Worse

Disc 10:
Save the Max
Driver’s Education

Disc 11:
Miss Bayside
Zack’s War
Model Students
Running Zack

Disc 12:
House Party
Jessie’s Song
The Fabulous Belding Boys
The Glee Club

Disc 13:
Breaking Up Is Hard to Undo
The Video Yearbook
Snow White and the Seven Dorks
Zack’s Birthday Party

Disc 14:
The Game
Fourth of July
Boss Lady
My Boyfriend’s Back

Disc 15:
The Last Weekend
Best Summer of My Life
The Last Dance
The Aftermath

Disc 16:
Cut Day
The Wicked Stepbrother (1)
The Wicked Stepbrother (2)
Fake I.D.'s

Disc 17:
Date Auction
Hold Me Tight
Operation Zack

Disc 18:
Love Machine
Home For Christmas (1)
Home For Christmas (2)
Check Your Mate

Discs 19:
Pipe Dreams
Palm Springs Weekend (1)
Palm Springs Weekend (2)
No Hope With Dope

Disc 20:
Mystery Weekend
All in the Mall
Day of Detention

Saved by the Bell- Hawaiian Style (movie)

(the following epsiodes alternate Tori and Kelly/Jessie about every other episode)

Disc 21:
The New Girl
The Fight
The Bayside Triangle

Disc 22:
Masquerade Ball
Wrestling With The Future
Drinking and Driving
Student-Teacher Week

Disc 23:
Isn’t It Romantic?
The Teacher’s Strike
Slater’s Sister

Disc 24:
The Senior Prom
The Will
Screech’s Spaghetti Sauce
Class Rings

Disc 25:
School Song
The Time Capsule

Saved by the Bell: The College Years (boxset is good for this, already chrono.)
Saved by the Bell: Wedding in Las Vegas (movie)

It sounds good so far, man. Looking forward to seeing this progress.

I've got better things to do tonight than die! - Springer, Transformers the Movie

I'm using the official US DVD's for the most part. I will buy the DVDs for the two TV movies from whatever country they were released in and convert them to NTSC. Is that OK, considering they are not in the same order at all on the official DVD's? Also, the Miss Bliss episodes probably will never be released, so I'm using them from TBS TV recordings I made. I'm trying to put them in the production order and basically an order which makes sense. So far I've made discs 5-11 for myself.
Not to put a damper on what you're doing, but this project is more of a custom DVD set rather than a fan edit. The GMMB episodes would be considered a preservation, so I don't have any problem with that. Unfortunately, rearranging the order of the old episodes that aired later isn't enough to call this a fan edit, and neither is converting the TV movie DVDs. I like what you're doing, but we're going to have to follow the rules for custom DVDs - which means you may talk about this project, but do not discuss it's distribution.

With that said, good luck on your efforts.

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I'd be interested in the unreleased episodes. I catch two episodes every morning except fridays and sometimes they play em. It would be nice to have those.
I will only distribute the first four discs of this project and give presise details on how everyone can make their own complete collection. Besides, I don't have the disk space, time, number of discs or energy to distribute/ seed 25+ discs!

Thanks guys! I don't own the last boxset yet, and I don't remember how everything exactly went, but I think the order I have chosen for the episodes will work this way. Kelly and Jessie will be there in one and not in the next episode towards the end there. Let me know if you guys notice anything conflicting or anything like that by putting the episodes in this order. I'm gonna watch discs 1-12 here soon and see how/if they flow that way, so far.

I have all 13 episodes recorded as they aired on TBS via Dish Network recorded on my ReplayTV in the highest quality setting. I'm trying to get them onto my computer. Not sure how just yet as my stand-alone Cyberhome DVD recorder died and I don't own a capture card or anything.

If anyone has any extras for this, I'd appreciate them. I finally found the Miss Bliss original opening, but if anyone has the end credits, or anything else special for any of the series with Zack, Screech, etc. that would be cool.

It would also be really cool if someone had the original pilot for GMMB that only aired once on NBC before it moved to Disney, satrting with the next episode, with Zack, etc. The pilot starred Haley Mills, Brian Austin-Greene and Jaleel White. No Zack, Screech or anything.
I re-arranged the order of the episodes in the first post to make the seasons and holidays fit where they are supposed to. I moved the summer episodes (Malibu Sands) to between grades 10 and 11, so that the Hawaiian Style movie can go between 11 and 12. I also moved the Christmas episodes to shortly after the SAT episode, because the SATs are usually on Saturday in November and December. I moved the Palm Springs episodes so that they are kinda during Spring Break. I also switched around Love Machine and Operation Zack so that the reason Lisa is not there is that she is volunteering at the hospital. I also moved Cut Day up so that it can be in September (which is when Gilligan's Island was cancelled, which Screech says something about that) just for fun.

You, my dear, have truly made the world a better place.

I decided to watch them in order and when I got to season "2" I was furious when Slater was dancing on the screen. He hadn't been "met" yet! Why wasn't Kelly's creepy lifesize cut out with a volleyball coming down from Zach's ceiling?

You have saved my life..or at least my Sunday afternoon. :-)


I would like to know how I can order your set of Saved by the Bell


Has there been any further updates on this project? I’m really intrigued by it.


I finally moved into my new apartment/ state (Ohio to South Carolina), so I can start working on stuff like this again. I have to get my computer all set up again. I remember I had some discs done, but not all. Does anyone have any Disney Channel and NBC recordings of the Miss Bliss episodes (the first 13 eps listed above)? They were never released for purchase in any format, neither the original, nor Saved by the Bell-ized (NBC) versions. I’d like to preserve both versions. To me, they are the true season 1 of the show. I only have recordings of the NBC versions as aired on TBS, so they may have syndication cuts, and they do sometimes have watermarks and that thing where they squeeze the show to fit credits/ advertisements during the show.


if Anybody Knows where i can get ALL of the Episodes of Saved by the Bell that is UnCUT’ Please Let me Know? Because im Tired of Paying for DVD sets That does NOT have ALL of the Episode on DVD 😦 This Video will Show you ALL What im Talking About.

Just Call me OGGY.


Oh wow. I had no idea parts were cut out! I wonder if any other regions are uncut? Is there a list anywhere of all the syndication cuts? I can’t seem to find one.


I’ve got original Disney airings of Miss Bliss including the original opening and ending credits.


Oh really, that’s awesome! Any way to get them from you?


In your run how does the Malibu beach episodes work? Zack and Kelly seem to be apart - but that doesn’t happen until the last dance?


Sorry I didn’t respond sooner, but I’ll have to go back and look at those episodes. I don’t remember off the top of my head.

Also, KRW, you have a PM.


I know this post is really old. But I have been trying to find the correct order for saved by the bell and in 2020 it still doesnt exist anywhere because the production order with Tori doesn’t make sense. But in the order you have posted here, which is the closest I could find still has “The Last Dance” and “After math” after the summer which included zack’s birthday which was after Zack and Kelly broke up. Do you have a more updated list somewhere? I saw someone mentioned it in the comments above, but it was never corrected.

I just saw the part about moving the Malibu sands to the summer between grades 10 and 11 because of Hawaiian summer being between 11 and 12… this is just something thats always going to not make sense. Unless you say Hawaii happened after graduation and forget the going back to high school and just have it go to college years…


Not sure why someone put “released”, in the title, as I never finished this project. I will update the chronology eventually, as well (kind of) start over using the newer Shout Factory set. When I envisioned this project, I had no idea about the syndication edits.

Does anyone have any of the foreign released sets? Do they have the full broadcast episodes on them? The newer Shout set still uses the syndicated episodes, but it does have Miss Bliss and more bonus features.

If no DVDs are uncut, what about VHS? I can’t seem to find a list of the released VHS episodes. Does anyone still have all of the episodes recorded from their original NBC airing?