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SINISTER: Recut (Released)




My idea here is to get rid of all the fake build ups/red herrings and dumb jump scares to turn the film into a more focused supernatural thriller. I also removed most of Bughuul’s appearances and made its presence more subtle. I think the way the original cut overexposed the character made its figure less scary. Also rearranged a few scenes in a way that things would make more sense.


  • Moved the scene of Ellison watching his old interview about Kentucky Blood to the first night in the house.
  • Removed false build up scene of Ellison hearing someone moving and finding Ashley looking for the bathroom. Also, scene of Ellison and Ashley talking in her room right after that moved earlier in the film.
  • Ellison phones the police immediately after watching the first reel of film instead of after the second.
  • All of Trevor’s ‘night terror’ scenes were removed (stupid red herring).
  • Removed some of Deputy So and So’s ‘funny’ remarks.
  • Removed most of Bughuul’s appearences, especially the ‘scary’ ones. I don’t find it scary and makes its presence less mysterious and creepy.
  • The two nights Ellison wakes up and finds the projector rolling were merged into one night. Also removed the stupid scene of the child ghosts running around him.
  • Removed the shots showing "Extended Cut Endings’ written on the envelop. Too dumb.

Format: MP4
HD: Yes
Size: 3,27 GB
Lenght: 1h 28 mins

Fanedits: Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me: Extended Blue Rose Cut / Blair Witch 2: Recut / Sinister: Recut / The Vanishing: Recut


I loved the theatrical version, but it sounds like you are going to improve upon it. Interested when it is ready to review. Thanks.


This movie, and this comes from a complete horror fanatic since the age of six, had the potential to be the best horror movie I’ve ever seen. The first hour of the movie is, except a few lackluster scares and/or character flaws, pure gold. Three things ruined it;

  • Too much nonsense near the end started ruining the very well-paced mood.
  • The ending with the children (children, unfortunately, often lack the ability to be scary - few exceptions, being the Babadook for instance).
  • Things you just mentioned.

However, I don’t know which scenes of the entitity you’re talking about removing, but the one where he’s in the pool and turns his head towards the camera should definitely be in.


igorleoni said:

I’ve kept the pool reflection, but not when Bughuul turns to the camera, so you can only see a shadow and half of its face. I think its more effective as you can’t make out if its a person, a ghost or what the hell is it.

Hmm, It might be an improvement. Sometimes, indeed, the “less is more” can be the more effective.
I’m looking forward to checking it out.

How will you handle the ending?