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Rise of the Empire: Star Wars Prequel edit


Hi everyone, I’ve recently come into following different fan edits and was inspired to make one of my own. I wanted to combine the three prequels into one film. I have completed a rough cut of the project and would like to get feedback on how I can improve the edit. If you are interested you can message me privately and I can send you the link.

Some edits and ideas include:

  • very little jar jar
  • removing clone/kamino subplot
  • no Yoda lightsaber
  • likeable Anakin
  • No jango fights (implied to just be boba fett)
  • edited down coruscant chase scene
  • no droid factory
  • make Obi Wan and Anakin seem more like ‘good friends’
  • no buzz droids
  • remove chosen one subplot
  • Remove Palpatine and Grevious lightsaber fights
  • 3P0 is essentially featured extra
  • imply Palpatines true form is revealed after murdering Windu.
  • cut down final RotS fight
  • both 3P0 and R2 get their minds wiped
  • reworked ending to keep the reveal of Leia as Luke’s sister.( would like anakin not to be revealed as darth vader but seems impossible with movies and footage available)
  • Added deleted scenes (not great quality but will be worked on in future)

A better title would be, The Empire Rises.

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SparkySywer said:

You should probably redo to crawl.

Yeah I know it’s not great haha. It’s just a placeholder for now. There’s a lot of audio mistakes throughout it as well that I will have to fix. This rough cut is more about the feeling and pacing of it, I’m hoping to get some reactions of how I can improve on it. Thanks for your input though.