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Rewriting the OT, only using SW77 and Lucas' original ideas


Hello. I’ve talked about rewriting the OT, and I’d like to do it again in this thread. However, this will be using the original SW77/ANH as the basis, as well as using Lucas’ original ideas (e.g. Anakin and Vader are separate people, and Luke’s twin sister was a girl other than Leia).

I’ll admit, this idea started out because I wanted to distance myself from the existing SW movies as much as possible (especially given the drama in and out the recently-released movies). However, that doesn’t meant I’m curious to see what can be made up in this case. After all, would an OT rewrite like this include/exclude ESB,would there be original characters you’d like to add, etc.? I’d be glad to know what you guys can come up with (and I may put something down if I ever do finish completing my idea in the future). Take care!