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Rewriting the OT-What would you do?


Alright, so there’ve been rewrites of the SW prequels, sequels, and even some expanded material. While I’ve seen people what changes could be made, but I haven’t really seen any full rewrites. This isn’t meant to criticize the OT, since it’s the OT and I would have never thought about rewriting, but I am curious to know what else could have been done with the stories we were given, and it is fun to share ideas with other people.

So, if you were to rewrite the whole SW original trilogy, how would you do it? Would you make any major changes, or just smaller ones to the whole trilogy? I’d love to hear them.

"Adventure, excitement. A Jedi craves not these things!"

- Yoda



Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in. . . . 😉

This is a topic I’ve been pondering for several months now, and I’ve some ideas for an OT rewrite firmly developed in my mind.


  • My OT would be semi-hard science fiction, with a few fantastical elements, rather than outright science fantasy. Things like 3D space travel would be featured, but people walking around inside giant space slugs without spacesuits in Earth-normal gravity would be out of the question.
  • My OT would take place in the Milky Way Galaxy, in “the 33rd century A.E.”, hundreds of thousands of years into the future. Humans and near-humans would be the only sapient life inhabiting the galaxy; there’d be no genuine aliens.
  • Projectile weapons such as coilguns and smart missiles would be featured, with energy weapons taking lesser precedence.
  • The lightsaber would be somewhat different. It’d be a weapon only trained Force-users can activate and wield. It’d possess a monomolecular blade of “energized particles” which can cut through most anything but doesn’t generate any actual heat. Jedi lightsabers would be red while Sith lightsabers blue.
  • No manned fighters. All fighters would either be outfitted with AIs (Empire) or remote controlled (Rebel).
  • There’d be no light/dark dichotomy to the Force.
  • No Force ghosts.


  • Luke would be changed into a female character named “Leia Skywalker”.
  • Leia would become Princess Zara Antilles.
  • The Death Star would not make a physical appearance. Zara would be imprisoned on Vader’s Star Destroyer and all scenes pertaining to her rescue would take place there.
  • Ben would survive his duel with Vader.
  • The film would end with our heroes escaping for Hoth.


  • My version of TESB would open a couple weeks after the events of SW. The damages to the Falcon would’ve been those sustained during our heroes’ escape from Vader’s ship; Leia would be furthering her training under Ben; etc.
  • Dodonna would take Rieekan’s place.
  • The Leia/Han/Zara love triangle would be a bisexual one.
  • The walkers would be replaced with tanks.
  • Ben would be slain by Vader while helping our heroes escape Hoth.
  • In contrast to Ben, Yoda would be quite the PT-era Jedi. He would teach Leia that Jedi are forbidden from forming attachments, including romantic ones.
  • Bespin wouldn’t have a breathable atmosphere.
  • Six months would explicitly pass between the Battle of Hoth and the duel on Cloud City.
  • I’m on the fence as to whether Vader would be Leia’s father or not.
  • Leia would join Vader.


  • Three years would’ve passed since TESB. Leia would’ve spent that time receiving Sith training from Vader.
  • The one and only Death Star would finally make its debut.
  • Motti would take Jerjerrod’s place.
  • Emperor Palpatine would be reimagined as Espaa Valorum, the beautiful, androgynous, ageless Dark Lord of the Sith.
  • Under his helmet, Vader would be revealed as a handsome, middle-aged man without any injuries or disfigurements.
  • No Ewoks, no Endor. The Rebel fleet would attack the Death Star above Had Abbadon, and we’d get a trench run much like the one from A New Hope. No muss, no fuss.
  • Valorum would zap Leia with his lightning; Vader would skewer him on his lightsaber; then Leia and Vader would have their climactic duel.
  • Leia would slay Vader a la Dooku. Vader would die in his sins, unredeemed.
  • The film would end on a bittersweet note, with the Death Star destroyed, Han and Zara together, and Leia assuming command of the Executor and going off on her own, intent on building a First Order free of Jedi/Sith dogma.

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