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Revenge of the True Sith


The True Sith, the powerful ancestors of the primitives who the Rakata and Jedi Exiles found on Korriban, the Dark Lords of the Rakata, want revenge. The last Sith ghosts have been destroyed by the New Republic and New Jedi Order. The True Sith watched with horror as Palpatine fell into a reactor and Exar Kun’s spirit was killed. No traces of the Sith species or Order remain in the parts of the galaxy known to humans, and the True Sith have decided that it’s time to take things into their own hands.

Some notes:

  • Kalgrath, Palpatine clones, Lumiya, A’Sharad Hett, and the Vong don’t exist.
  • All spirits and holocrons on Korriban are destroyed by the time of TPM.
  • The True Sith colonized Korriban. The Sith species we all know are the primitive descendents of colonists who lost contact with their fellow Sith.
  • The Rakata were corrupted and puppeteered by the True Sith, hence the True Sith being the Dark Lords of the Rakata. The True Sith also corrupted Xendor, the first Dark Lord of the Sith.
  • Like in the actual EU, the Sith species uses the dark side because of their culture, not because of their genetics.
  • The only things that have to happen are the original Jedi Schism and resulting formation of the Dark Lords of the Sith and the events of the original trilogy. Things like TOR don’t have to happen.
  • My inspirations are an early Vong concept described in The Essential Reader’s Companion and fan speculation that occured in between KOTOR II’s and TOR’s release.

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