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Revenge of the Sith (rewrited)


Hi! I'm doing a draft of the ROTS movie with some ideas that I took of pre-epIII discussions, and some ideas that I imagined myself. 

I speak spanish (my english is so poor), but I'm interested in the proyect, since 2008. I'm writing the draft/script in spanish, would have difficulty in that someone could translate it into English (when it be finished)?

We can discuss the topic and more new ideas here, for the moment, I present some ideas that we could see in the story.

The objective is to present the movie from another point of view, in my opinion, much more consistent with five episodes remaining. So, you see the script of the film completely different from the original at the 85-90%

To start the topic, I present some key ideas:


1) Ideas that have been recovered from the movie (about 10%)

— Count Dooku dies at the 1/4 part of the movie

— Battle of Coruscant is going to be at the middle of the movie, with some changes. Anakin saves Obi-Wan

— The scene where Padme reveals pregnancy is very similar

— There is still a clash between Palpatine and the Jedi Council, and then, the Anakin's conversion to a Sith apprentice

— Anakin continues to lead the attack on the Jedi Temple and the search for the younglings

— It maintains the battle of Obi-Wan and Anakin alternately with the battle of Yoda and Sidious

— Bail Organa helping Yoda to scape

— Obi-Wan going to give Luke to Owen Lars

— A battle in Kashyyyk, with Yoda on it


2) New Ideas (about 80%)

— There is no General Grievous. Instead, it is replaced by General Tarkin (imagining that could be interpreted by Adrien Brody) for a greater connection with ANH. Tarkin guides the Separatist army on a secret base, performs tests of the prototypes of the Death Star and confronts Obi-Wan Kenobi

— In the first 20 minutes of the film, we just follow Anakin. He has been sent to destroy a droid factory/separatist base on the miner world of Utapau (a planet completely different with respect to the movie). We can see this idea in the videogame "The new droid army"

— The other worlds involved in the story are Kashyyyk, Alderaan and Coruscant. To contrast with Endor, we see no ground on Kashyyyk, Wookiees live in the tops of giant trees, and the entire planet is covered with these trees; for Alderaan, is generally a waterworld with artificial bases and ports; and Coruscant have two new locations: the Galactic Capital and the Imperial Palace; Tatooine is the same and Dagobah is only mentioned (maintaining intrigue until ESB)

— Mustafar is changed by a volcanic moon, that can be called Sarapin. There is no separatist bases and no political interests

— There is no reference to Darth Sidious until the Palpatine's revelation. No references to Darth Plagueis (perhaps to Darth Revan). Solved the riddle of Sifo-Dyas. Solved the riddle of the Jedi do not notice the presence of Sidious in the Senate

— Palpatine's objetive is to abolish the Jedi religion substituting it for the military defense, and appoints Anakin commander of the Republic Fleet (not personal representative of the Jedi Council)

— Obi-Wan is a Jedi Council Member, a General and is privatelly involved in the origins of the Rebel Alliance (fact that will make him earn the nickname of "Ben Kenobi" by his friends Padme and Bail). Is never mentioned by name (Obi-Wan), only "Master Kenobi" or "General Kenobi". Then, Obi-Wan fights in Alderaan instead of Utapau

— Anakin wants to be a father, because he had no father. He wants to train his own son (this obsession returns in ESB), but the knows that the Council doesn't allow it. He's still the kenobi's apprentice (not a Jedi Knight) and doesn't turn to the dark side to see Padme dying in dreams

— Padme doesn't die in childbirth, but dies. Is important, otherwise it would always be haunted by Vader. It has much greater role in the foundation of the Rebel Alliance and saving Obi-Wan

— Count Dooku left the scar that we see in Anakin's head in ROTJ. Dooku will continue in the emotional aftermath of Anakin and as "inspiration" for future rebel generations

— It justifies the importance of Nute Gunray in the story. After being arrested and interrogated, the Jedi Council will discover the truth of the existence of Sidious in the Senate, and the plot focused on a conspiracy between Sidious and the Council by destroying one another

— C-3PO has a silver armor (not a golden armor) in this episode. So it is easier to deduce that between epIII and epIV they changed the armor from silver to gold (except the right leg). At some point of the story, the protocol droid serves the dark forces

— R2-D2 doesn't fly in this episode (only flies in a eccentric scene of epII). In addition, Obi-Wan has no contact at any time with C-3PO or R2-D2. 

— Chewbacca appears, but as a cameo. It will be easy to know why he becomes a contrabandist

— Yoda senses his own death (that we see in ROTJ).

— At the final scene, Obi-Wan extinguish the fire that burns Anakin by using the Force, and leave the planet quickly because he feels the arrival of Sidious. All the body is burn, except the face

— Solved the problem of Anakin's origin. The Midi-chlorians make sense as a plot to mislead the spectator

— Clonetrooper armors are white (like the Stormtrooper armors) or black for the pilots (like the TIE Fighter pilots). No coloured armors. All the Clonetroopers will be Stormtroopers, but maybe all the Stormtroopers will not be Clonetroopers

— Put into practice the idea that not only clones or droids fight on the Clone Wars. Also human pilots for Republic/Separatist battles. Some of that pilots will turn to the Rebel Alliance or to the Empire. For example, members of the Calrissian family fight in the Coruscant battle (later, we se Lando in the Endor Battle, with some experience)

— Jar-Jar Binks doesn't die and has a role similar to the epII. In fact, Binks, together with Yoda, Bail Organa and Padme, are the only ones who know the existence of 2 Skywalker... Padme dies, and Binks/Organa dies at the Alderaan blast (Adywan's SW Revisited), and Yoda reveals to Obi-Wan the secret in ESB

— It explains why the bodies of the Jedi disappear at death. We only see disappear Yoda and Obi-Wan (maybe Anakin). Both are Jedi Council members, so we can explain that only the most powerful Jedi or the Jedi Council members evaporates their bodies. Then, the members of the Jedi Council that confronts Sidious evaporates their bodies at death

— It explains why can see some Jedi spirits, like Obi-Wan, Yoda and Anakin. In the last scenes, Yoda (maybe Obi-Wan too) contact with the spirit of Qui-Gon Jinn, because Jinn wanted to train Anakin and is responsible for the disaster. Yoda asks if he is dead, and Jinn replies that it is the Yoda subconscious who projects his image, similar to Luke when can see or hear his masters (and not other Jedi masters)

— About the Ships: Republic Gunship appears no more (only at epII), but the design (cutting the passengers part) becomes it in a X-Wing precursor, piloted by republic pilots (later Rebel pilots); N1 Starfighter becomes in the Yellow Y-Wing that see in Clone Wars 3D, piloted by naboo pilots (later Rebel pilots); Jedi Ship converts in the V-Wing (has no astrodroid) that later will be the A-Wing (piloted by Rebel pilots who believe in the Force); The ARC 170 converts in a above-ground ship, similar to the snowspeeder; the Clone Fighter of the Clone Wars 2D appears (piloted by Clonetroopers) and later will be the B-Wing (piloted by Rebels); The Jedi Interceptor is unique (had no astrodroid) and is only the Anakin's ship, later will be the Vader's Advanced X1; and Finally, we can see the first TIE Fighters, with no changes, for the Imperial pilots

— About the Droids: A new battledroid, the cyborg droid (cortosis droid) that we can see in "The new droid army" videogame; No buzz droids, and the classic battledroids aren't stupid

— For the weapons: We see again the double lightsaber in Sidious hands, and Dooku's lightsaber will be used by Anakin in two moments


3) Confused Ideas (about 10%)

There are two ideas that are confused.

The first one, is the secret that Anakin is Vader and the Luke's father. Is the secret of the Saga, but seeing it in the chronological order, it's impossible to keep the secret until the epV: in epIII we se the Anakin's fall and his duel with Kenobi, and in epIV we see Vader and Kenobi speaks that was his apprentice; also, we see Luke "Skywalker" and is easy to deduce that is the Anakin's son in epIV.

However, it's possible to keep the secret that Vader is Anakin until the epIV. In the draft, I write in the last dialogue scene that Palpatine says that Skywalker has dead and the Republic with him (rise of the empire scene). But I would like to explain a final detail between Sidious and Vader, so I need Vader in the last scene. So, the spectator would believe that Anakin has just died a few minutes. And only Palpatine, Tarkin, Yoda and Kenobi knows the truth.

The second one is the "other Skywalker". It's possible to keep the secret that Leia is the other until the epVI, but I would like to explain why Leia reminds her real mother. For this, I use R2-D2. Padme has a bad feeling and thinks that she will die soon. Then, she records a message into the R2 memory explaining that perhaps can not be with their children. Bail Organa doesn't erase that message.

In the last musical scenes there is a time shift of 3 years (I only remember a time shift in TPM, in the parade, where Anakin is a padawan). Then, we see a young Leia with R2-D2 and the holographic Padme. Leia hear "children" and she will know he has a brother. Also, that could explain the affinity between Leia and R2 that we see in the first scenes of epIV: Leia chooses R2 for record his message and R2 is very devout in his mission of find Kenobi. And then, we see the family meet: Leia knows about Padme and Luke knows about Leia with the R2 messages.

So, in the first instance, I think that the secrets are revealed in the epIII draft.

Finally, I think it's necessary to explore more the good side of Anakin. In the draft, Anakin only kills one Jedi, and not kills the younglings (Clonetroopers do it when the doors are closed).

I think the draft (and later script) will be completed in the coming months. For more ideas, wishes, details, etc, the topic remains open.

I send my greetings to all!


Shouldn't it be either "rewritten" or "rewrote"? ;)

In all seriousness, good ideas. You going to pst this anywhere?

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