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Return of the Jedi in theaters... until today?


I totally missed this. The total lack of fanfare for 2020’s theatrical re-release of Empire Strikes Back barely gave me enough time to see it in theaters (“see” through a mask, but it was still a good time and I could pretend it wasn’t the special edition).

I presume, for anyone who has seen it, that this is from the “Macklunky” trilogy set streamed on Disney Plus (Nov 2019) with the few minor changes since the 2011 blu-rays (the same cut that exists on the Disney 4k discs released in 2020). Can anyone confirm?

Since this has always been my favorite Star Wars movie, I was more offended by the excesses of the changes than the others (the one bright spot being the more lifelike looking Rancor blending with the scene) but that’s a personal thing and a bias that nobody can talk me out of, sorry.

So anyway if you get a chance, let me know what I missed! Like the other Special Editions we’ve discussed over the years, yes, those things can annoy and want one to turn to a fan edit instead (if not the original) but most of the film is still watchable and enjoyable despite the alterations.