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Return of the Jedi: No Sister



Luke Skywalker has returned to the swamps of Dagobah to complete his Jedi training. His ally Princess Leia fights to rescue her lover Han Solo from the clutches of Jabba the Hutt.

Little do our heroes know that the GALACTIC EMPIRE rushes to build a new space station even more powerful than the Death Star.

If completed, this weapon will spell certain doom for the small band of rebels struggling to restore freedom to the galaxy…


On Coruscant, a group of civilian laborers in a droid factory goes on strike. The Imperial authorities respond with a violent crackdown; a squad of Stormtroopers, led personally by Darth Vader, breaks into the strikers’ safehouse and executes them all.

Above Tatooine, the Emperor personally oversees the construction of a new weapon: the Super Death Star. It is a space station able to jump into a star system, instigate a runaway chain reaction inside the sun, and escape before the rapidly-expanding star destroys all of the surrounding worlds. The Emperor meets with Boba Fett and pays him to assassinate a high-value target.

On the jungle planet Siseman, Lando finds an audience with Jabba the Hutt, towing Chewie and Leia apparently as his prisoners. Having gained entry into Jabba’s palace, Leia unfreezes Han from carbonite and Chewie releases Jabba’s pet rancor. The palace erupts into frenzy as the rancor rampages around and eats Jabba. Our heroes flee amidst the chaos aboard the Millennium Falcon.

Luke continues his training on Dagobah. He climbs a mountain, and when he gets to the top he finds a green crystal that he uses to power his new lightsaber. He talks to Yoda on the mountaintop, who tells Luke about the Anakin backstory and then dies of old age. Luke reunites with R2 and departs from the planet.


Leia, Han, Lando, and Chewie return to the Rebel flagship. Mon Mothma, the Rebel leader, tells them of the mission to destroy the unfinished Super Death Star in the Tatooine system.

Rebel cruisers enter from hyperspace to flank the flagship, but they are tracked by Boba Fett. Slave I destroys the flagship bridge and kills Mon Mothma. Han, Chewie, and Lando take off in the Falcon and defeat Slave I in a space duel, killing Fett. Leia mourns, but then accepts leadership of the Rebels.

Luke reunites with the fleet. Light-hearted banter between all four heroes ensues, then the first phase of the mission begins. The strike team of Luke, Lando, and 3P0, jumps to occupied Tatooine.

On Tatooine, Luke uses his powers to ward off an angry krayt dragon, thus winning the respect of the Tusken Chieftain. Lando and the Chieftain free a captured Sandcrawler from the Empire. Then Luke senses Vader’s arrival in the system and wanders into the desert, where he surrenders himself to Stormtroopers. Vader meets Luke and takes him to meet the Emperor.


On Tatooine, Lando’s assault on the shield base is stalled by Imperial forces, but a surprise attack by the krayt dragon allows the Rebels to turn the tide against the Imperials.

The Rebel fleet fights against the Imperial fleet. The Emperor orders the Super Death Star to fire on one of the twin suns. Han and Leia realize the Rebel fleet has been entrapped.

The Emperor tempts Luke into fighting Vader. Vader reveals that the Emperor is his father, and tells Luke that his fall to darkness is inevitable. Luke is enraged and mangles Vader.

Lando and the native army overpower the Imperial garrison and destroy the shield generator.

Luke refuses to kill Vader, so the Emperor tortures Luke with lightning. Vader intervenes and kills the Emperor by throwing him down a shaft.

The Falcon and other fighters try to find a centralized main reactor but instead see that there is a decentralized power network. Solo realizes he must instead destroy the SDS’s engines, knowing this will mean he and Chewie will lack the time to flee the exploding star.

Luke escapes on a shuttle with his father’s body and Lando flies from Tatooine with the surviving natives. They and the Rebel Fleet all jump to Coruscant. The Super Death Star and the Millennium Falcon perish in the expanding star.

On Coruscant crowds of civilians take to the streets in jubilation. Leia reveals to Luke that she is pregnant. Luke promises to help her raise the child, build the New Republic, and teach the next generation of Jedi.

The spirits of Obi-Wan, Yoda, and Anakin smile upon Luke.


This is an expansion of the opening crawl and first scene.




Luke Skywalker has returned to the swamps of Dagobah to complete his Jedi training. His ally Leia Organa fights to rescue her lover Han Solo from the clutches of Jabba the Hutt.

Little do our heroes know that the GALACTIC EMPIRE nears completion of a new space station even more powerful than the Death Star.

If completed, this weapon will spell certain doom for the small band of rebels struggling to restore freedom to the galaxy…​


Pan down to the Imperial starfleet in orbit above Coruscant.

A Star Destroyer deploys a TIE Shuttle down to the metropolitan planet surface. On the bridge of the Star Destroyer, an Imperial Admiral expresses his disdain for the strike occurring in the industrial district.

The craft skews downward, and the camera cuts to AT-STs trudging through the streets to enforce the curfew. Scattered buildings glow with columns of flame poking out of their windows. In an alleyway, a squad of Stormtroopers lines up a group of seditious citizens in front of a wall and executes them with blaster fire.

The TIE Shuttle touches down outside a droid factory, a metallic silo surrounded by barricades and bodies of Stormtroopers and rebels alike. In the factory, the strike leader, a grizzled man with cybernetic legs, beckons his fellows to make good on their promise to avenge Alderaan and Cloud City. The crowd of armed workers cheers in righteous fervor.

The boarded-up doors of the factory dazzle with sparks as the Stormtroopers slice through the durasteel. The workers brandish arms and take up firing positions against the door. Then the door tumbles over and Stormtroopers pour forth.

The workers trade a flurry of blaster bolts with the Stormtroopers, then fall back into the assembly line of the factory. Stormtroopers secure the entrance and hold the strike leader prisoner.

Through the hole in the wall strides that familiar inhuman breathing. His dark cape billows with each step as he approaches the kneeling, fatigued strike leader. The strike leader expresses defiance to the last, even in the face of darkness personified.

Darth Vader chokes the old man to death with the Dark Side of the Force. A horrified worker runs back to meet his comrades deep in the silo. Vader orders the troopers to proceed inward and set their weapons to stun.


Cut to the familiar golden disc of Tatooine against the stars. The camera rotates to show an imposing new shape, the unfinished structure of the Super Death Star transitioning in front of one of the system’s twin suns.

Out of hyperspace jumps a light cruiser, the distinctly vertical craft known as Slave I. It burns through the darkness above Tatooine, the Super Death Star’s surface turbolaser turrets constantly angled in its direction by Imperial fire control technicians. Within the hangar bay patrolled by squads of Stormtroopers, Slave I sets down thrusters-first and the feared Boba Fett walks out.

Imperial officer Jerjerrod greets Boba Fett with the Emperor’s salutations, but his eyes project the most contemptuous glare in the galaxy. Boba Fett replies tersely, “A job’s a job. Take me to the boss.” The two men walk past the Stormtroopers and take the lift to Throne Room.

In the shadowy rotunda of the royal nest, Galactic Emperor Palpatine sits on the swiveling throne and surveys the construction of his ultimate weapon. The door open behind him and he turns around to face the booted footsteps approaching him. Boba Fett sees for the first time the gaunt and withered face of Imperial power. Jerjerrod takes his leave.

Palpatine speaks, telling Fett that he has tracked his movements since the operation on Cloud City and that he is impressed. Palpatine then offers Fett a new job, a high-value assassination. Fett asks what’s in it for him. Palpatine promises Fett a full official pardon for his life of crimes, in addition to a handsome sum. Fett asks, “Who will it be?”

The Emperor cackles. Boba Fett steps closer to the Throne and views Tatooine from above.


Loving this! Some absolutely great ideas in there.