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Return Of The Jedi - a general Random Thoughts thread — Page 12


Having the Ewoks be cute works. This movie is different from ESB, just like ANH is. ANH is the fun serial adventure that introduces our heroes and villains. Luke begins his journey as a Jedi, Obi-Wan is the kind and wise mentor, Han learns to be selfless and the banter between him, Luke, and Leia is fun. Darth Vader is introduced as the monstrous villain that he is. Intimidating, powerful, and commanding. ESB is the darker, more tragic movie that explores the main characters flaws and Darth Vader wins against everyone. Luke faces trails in his training, realizes his entire conception of what a Jedi is is wrong as his beliefs are flipped on his head, disobeys his masters, and learns the dark truth about his father. Han gets frozen right as Leia finally gives into her feelings. Vader’s ruthlessness is at full force and he commands the film like a terrifying force of nature. All of the main characters are his prey.

In ROTJ the main characters are now at their peak. Luke is a Jedi Knight, and Han and Leia are both respected leaders of the Rebellion. Vader, while still ruthless, is beginning to soften. However, the heroes still have some flaws to overcome and it’s still dark and serious quite a bit. When it has to do with conflict with Luke, Vader, and the Emperor, the battle for Luke and Vader’s souls, and things become more intense for the Rebels due to the presence of the Emperor and the second Death Star. The stakes are so much higher. But the also movie allows itself to lighten up a bit. Not only to balance the even more intense stakes, but the Ewoks help keep it somewhat lighthearted to prepare us for the pompous happy ending in which our heroes win and the galaxy is saved.

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Superweapon VII said:

I would’ve liked the Ewoks if they’d looked less like teddy bears and more like miniature versions of this:

Though the performances still would’ve suffered having to rely on little person actors. I don’t mean to offend, but they don’t make for the best agile arboreal creatures.

I do wonder why Lucas did not change the Ewoks for his Special Editions, other than the blinking. Add some teeth or make them a little more scary or fierce, even if just when in battle.

Maybe even shooting some new fiercer Ewok vs Imperials scenes in a forest for it, and adding some CGI later on.

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