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Request: Rad (1986) HDTV 1080i original TS file


Hey guys,

Im looking for the original MPEG2-TS 1080i file for Rad.

I know there is a DVD of this out but I would like to get the original 1080i file to create a BD disc from it

If someone would be so kind as to either send it to me via mail or over the net, I would be willing to send blanks and postage.

Or if someone could tell me where I could find this it would be helpful as well, just PM me


Moth3r said: No, there is no video embedding option in this forum software (thank god!)



I've checked HDBits, the new groups and a bunch of other likely sites with no luck.

Anyone with an account over on able to check for CompMovieGuy?

Dr. M


I am also searching for this elusive item…

Hoping someone still has it in their archive…or maybe the files that were at one posted to Usenet?