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[Request] Pulp Empire 1080p


I have searched online for days looking for an alleged 1080p version of Pulp Empire, I downloaded all the despecialized BD25s and BD50s checking if any of them had a ‘bonus’ copy of Pulp Empire, with no luck… I’m hoping someone here either has a copy or knows a way that I can get a copy, because the best I can find is a 720p MATROSKA on


Help me, you’re my only hope.


Hi and welcome macmilln.

This thread may be of some use:-

Pulp Empire - by the talented person who created it.

If you PM him, or make a post in there, maybe you’ll have some luck…

There is also this thread on Pulp Empire over at FE -


Please take the time to look around and see how this place works etc - a good starting place, along with some useful info, can be found here:-

Welcome to the; Introduce yourself in here - a good place to make your first post

as well as the About and Help sections located at the top of this site.


Good luck with it mate 😃 Moderator

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