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Reminder: Bootlegs of commercially available DVDs (such as the upcoming trilogy release) are NOT PERMITTED

I'm seeing links to bootleg downloads for the upcoming release of Star Wars.


The original theatrical cuts are unavailable on DVD in an official release, so I turn a blind eye to those. Not everyone can have a laserdisc player and the original LDs.

However, the upcoming 2004 cuts will be available for you to purchase if you want them. Whether you agree with the changes or not, PAY FOR THE DAMN BOX SET if you want to watch it.

I understand many of you would like to see just how much has changed from the originals; I have the same desire. This site can't afford to defend that position. If we're associated with distributing bootlegs, or even allowing them to be provided via our forums, we could get into serious trouble.

It's not hard to find such things on the internet. Just don't post them here. Administrator