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Released: Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981). Regraded (1080p)


So, after a few weeks I finished regrading this. Now gone is that orange push. Blues are blue, and everything looks as it should.
I used the wowow HDTV as reference (but not as a matching reference). I regraded the frames in photoshop to look as the wowow reference, and then Dre’s colormatch to create the LUTs. Finally, DaVinci Resolve to load to apply the LUTs, and some minor corrections. A couple of scenes and a few shots here and there looked already good, so no need to regrade those.

The source was, of course, the Paramount BluRay (so 1080p).

Size: 36.3 GB

Audio: DTS Master Audio, DTS Core, AC3 (640 kbps)

Subtitles: English, Spanish

A gallery (70 pics) here:

For more subtitles, use opensubtitles, for example, to find the one you want.

You can find it on katcr dot co (kickass torrents) (it’s ok to say where as long as I don’t post any links, right?)


Could you post a few before and after comparisons?


It’s actually katcr dot co
(search: raiders regraded)
This looks awesome.