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Redux ex Ringo (* unfinished project *)


So I’ve lurked here for quite some time and finally decided to get more involved. I’m setting up this thread to dicuss my saga project rather than clutter other threads.

my 3 main goals are faiilry common

  • correct errors
  • tie the films together better
  • enhance the films where i see fit
    however i assume that some ppl wont agree with end result. I’ll mention now that I’m not working on a Preservation attempt.

Hopefully I’ll have more soon.


Welcome. Is this what you mean?

Some were not blessed with brains.
<blockquote>Originally posted by: BadAssKeith

You are passing up on a great opportunity to makes lots of money,
make Lucas lose a lot of his money
and make him look bad to the entire world
and you could be well known and liked

None of us here like Lucas or Lucasfilm.
I have death wishes on Lucas and Macullum.
we could all probably get 10s of thousands of dollars!