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Recutting TBOBF Chs. 5-7 into The Mandalorian Season 3's prologue?


Trying to come up with a way to view Mando’s latest adventures without ping ponging between shows…

Editing Chapters five and six isn’t much as an issue as Chapter 7 wheres it’s sole focus is Boba protecting Tatooine from the pikes. Currently scratching my brain around removing the majority of the subplot without seeming jarring.

Any ideas?

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I don’t know if this would work great, but you could have it from Grogu’s perspective. The whole battle is unimportant it’s just Grogu reuniting with Mando and calming the rancor.


So in my opinion, we don’t need the whole Building the Naboo Starfighter plot, if needed make it still happen with Book of Boba Fett, but I much rather just show some time between Seasons and Shows. This is what I was thinking.

  • Open with Mandalorian at the taun, taun butcher place, he then goes to get info

-Everything with Armor and Mando

-Visula vs Mando

-Armor assigns Mando his mission.

-Mando goes straight to Grogu

-We see Luke trainning Grogu

-We then get Mando and Ahsoka’s convo

-Luke and Ahsoka talks about Grogu

-Grogu Needs to Choose his choice

-Mando and Grogu leaves on Naboo 1 Starfighter