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Reboot the EU — Page 3


Ok the only way we can reboot the EU is to pretend undo it! never existed - I urge each and everyone of you to burn every EU star wars book you can get your hands on..... Do what must be done, show no mercy  - buy every star wars book on amazon/ebay and burn them on a big bonfire!! have some fireworks too! a few beers,  a bbq - make the evening/day the most fun these travesties to the star wars legacy ever inspired!! and in 30-40 years maybe it will be like these novels from hell never existed.......... wooo!

uh...wheres my medication??


edit: ....but after i've re-read:

Rogue Squadron

Wraith Squadron

The Black Fleet crisis trilogy

and The New Rebellion ..... I've just bought them off amazon and want to see if they're any good this time around - although i do actually remember enjoying Rogue Squadron and Wraith Squadron.

I also like:

Splinter of the minds eye (left overs from a rough draft of star wars, and would have been the low budget sequel to the original film- if it hadnt of done so well at the box office..... interesting for mostly that reason - for me anyway) (Ref: The secret history of star wars - Michael Kaminski)

Allegiance - The only Timothy Zhan novel i actually like, is one many people seem to think is his weakest. I like it becuase its like the reverse of a star wars movie - Stormtroopers are given the main story and the rebels are just in the background getting in the way! genius! ...ok there are some issues with the stormtroopers deciding to be do-gooders but it still doesnt put me off...

Death troopers: Loved it! i guess mostly cos its got zombies in it but its still star wars.....

The only other star wars novels i'd buy (to keep... not to burn) are ones set between  episode 4 & 5, and possibly the old republic novels if the first one is good (didnt like darth bane novels, not a fan of Jedi Knights/Sith they are story breaker super-heros/villains)  ... because the playing field (after the original film) at this point is still open to creative talent - Lukes not a jedi, Han is a smuggler and Leia is well.....just Leia. Oh yeah and Vader is not Lukes Dad! and was never supposed to be!!! Luke and Leia are not brother and sister... The "Other" that Yoda speaks about in Empire strikes back was supposed to be someone who is not introduced untill episode 7 ........but george lucas got bored halfway thru making Empire Strikes back cos too many people were challenging him and his wife left him for maybe those reasons and he wanted to wrap up the whole thing and be rid of it which brings us to:  Return of the Jedi

references from this book which also contains snippets of publically released official interviews : sorry im all out of medication....doh! and the shameless plugging




You can never go home again, but i guess you can shop there.


I like how zombie gets quoted so much around here by his nom de guerre "Michael Kaminski."


"[George Lucas] rebooted the franchise in 1997 without telling anyone." -skyjedi2005

"Yeah, well, George says a lot of things..." a young 1997 xhonzi on RASSM

"They're my movies." -George Lucas. 19 people won oscars for their work on Star Wars (1977) and George Lucas wasn't one of them.

Rewrite the Prequels!