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ROTJ Manga Edit


I thought about using screenshots from the actual film, but came across a better possibility: the manga. The sometimes abstract or whited-out backgrounds allow me to do things the screenshot method would make impractical.

Here's what you might call a "conservative" edit of ROTJ in comic form. I have altered or re-arranged some dialogue and scenes to create a unique reading experience.




- The Emperor's arrival aboard the Death Star II replaces Vader's at the beginning.

- Luke starts on Dagobah.

- The sibling angle is erased from the entire comic.

- Luke converses with Obi-Wan's ghost for a short period. Obi-Wan tells Luke that he must destroy Vader, and Luke commands the spirit to leave him alone.

- The team make quick, brutal work of Jabba and his minions. Leia is already captured. Luke shows up to dispense justice.

I think the altered story combined with how Luke is drawn at times gives the impression he has become emotionally troubled.

There will be three or four parts in total.