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my paypal link for anyone who is interested in contributing.
the goal is 600 due to the southern cross set being so expensive, tho i may consider gettign the cheaper 100$ laserdisc set (since i now have a player) but im worried about them being damaged in shipping, and the shipping alone to get them into australia.

i realy appreciate any donations!

Im that guy who likes megazone 23 a little too much


Another update, os ive gotten a laserdisc deck, a CLD-D780, and while playing my megazone discs, i found out they have a voiceless audio track, that will come in handy along with adv’s 5.1 mix, in reconstructing the audio mix, it also means i can present deleted scenes without voices, Should i include on the bonus disc, the original megazone 23? with japanese and voiceless audiotracks? or throw in the Streamline dub in there aswell, im also planning an interview with kerrigan mahan (who played mark landry) and am considering asking him to provide his voice for the ending, giving RTM the original ending to megazone 23.

Im that guy who likes megazone 23 a little too much


Current list of extras included on disc 2

Extras and additions:

Animated menus

Looping sound effects on menus

EVE Introduction on main menu (Voiced by her original Actress Diane Michelle) Unconfirmed

Deleted scenes (No Voices)

Megazone 23 (Full Film) (Subtitled) Presented with 4 audio options:

  1. Japanese (Mono)

The rarly heard mono mix features various differences to the commom stereo mix.
warning sirens during the attack on the UN, bodyfalls and limping sounds during the ending, and various other audio differences

  1. Japanese (Stereo)
  2. English (Stereo) Streamline dub
  3. W/o Voices (Sourced from Laserdisc)

Original Theatrical Trailer (Reconstructed) (PAL)

Reconstructed Sensurround mix (Using voiceless + 5.1)

Reconstructed Stereo mix

Original mono mix (Noise removal, Eq-ing ect)

Work Print clips (Opening & Ending)

Point Of View - Interview with Carl Macek

Robotech: The Inside Story (Doccumentary that inspired Cannon Pictures to pitch the Movie)

12 Min Uncut ending (original commisioned footage)

Television Commercial

Galaxy Of The Stars '86 Footage (Featuring 4 mins of the original cut of the film)

Ending - Alternate take (Megazone 23 Ending Styled like RTM)

Dallas Promotional Trailer

Interview with Kerrigan Mahan (Voice of Mark Landry) Uncomfirmed

Animation Mistakes and Easter eggs

Creditless Opening

Isolated Score Track

Alternate Megazone ending (different shots) (Laserdisc Source)

Commentary by Kalhi Balto (me)

Model Sheet and Production art gallery

Storyboard Sequences (Opening, Ending and some select megazone scenes)

Masters Music Video

Im that guy who likes megazone 23 a little too much


ScottZill said:

^ Just curious, but why don’t you have the ADV dub for Megazone 23?

I do have it, and its not being included because it isnt relevent, the streamline dub is included because macek directed it, so its seen as his attempt to have a proper dub of megazone

Im that guy who likes megazone 23 a little too much