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I hadn't really thought about it.

Would you prefer SL or DL?

I doubt SL would be a good idea though because BE PAL MUFF Complete is 5.85 gb.

It would probably look pretty bad if I tried to get it down to 4.37 gb.


I didn't know there was another Building Empire.  If it has more stuff, then count me in for wanting it in NTSC, DL.


Ok I'll likely get on that next week then.

In the meantime.. I actually went ahead and made the DL PAL MUFF Complete into a SL version.

I deinterlaced, made it progressive, sharpened the picture and made proper chapter points (to match the NTSC MUFF Complete), as the DL PAL chapter points are a bit off.

Here are a couple of caps:

Original DL PAL MUFF

Original DL PAL MUFF





Ok the SL PAL MUFF Complete version is now online.

PM me for links if you don't want to wait until is updated.

Here is the nfo file contents:


          .g""""""""""""""""""""""] j""""""],    j["""""""""""""Q.
          `g    .geeeeeeep   jmeeefj'  .g   #,   ]f   creeeeg.   0,
           \t_   `9.     [   j[   .f   j^b  `#,  j[   lL___,M'  _@.
             ^t_   `!,   f   ]f   j'  .#_#.  "L  ]f           y*"'
  .ueeeeeeeeeee!.    ji  [   j[  _f    ___    q, j[   jMw._   `"*eeeeeegn
  .&_______________,c!'  f___]f .&'___f"""b____4.]f___j6 `"+,__________j]
  .__""__""__"__"""_____ ""__"___""`"" ______""___"""""'   ___""__""__"__
   i#""`9.j5"""`b.j'"""# .f""""""#     f"""""""""""`bw   .f^"""""""""""j]
    #b  `4M'    `#M   j' #'  j.  "b    L   .reeee,.   ]  ]_    ,eereeeed]
    `@.  ""   _  ""  .f j'  ,fq   q.   L   iL____d-  _d  `!,    ^q_
     "@,     jg.     J'.[   jLjb  `!.  f    .      ,m"     `*,   `^q.
      "s.   j"Y.    j' ]'   ____   `t  f   .Nw_     "*mveevee*'    _X
       Yf___d  0.___f d'___]""""@___`g L____f  "+,________________jP'
       """"""  """""" """"""    """""" """"""     """""""""""""""""


//Release Information// 

Jambe Davdar’s: RETURNING TO JEDI: Miami Underground Film Festival COMPLETE DVD


Type................: DVD Movie
Platform............: VIDEO_TS & DVD_ROM Folders
Video Format........: DVD/VOB/MPEG2/720x576/16:9/PAL 25fps
Audio Format........: Dolby Digital 2.0 (192 Kbps)
Size................: 4.37 GB


Source..............: Multiple (see below)
Disc Creator[s].....: Jambe Davdar
Disc Assembly...... : ZeppelinRox

//Featured Film//

Jambe Davdar’s: RETURNING TO JEDI: Miami Underground Film Festival COMPLETE DVD

Duration: 2hr 28min main doco (total 2hrs 39 inc extras)
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Anamorphic
Format: MPEG2 Video, 720 x 576 Anamorphic, PAL UK, 25fps,
DVD: Single Layer 4.37GB
Data Rate: 3560 kbits/sec

- 'Ugly as Sin' Teaser Trailer
- Trailer
- Revenge of the Jedi crawl
- Alternate Sail Barge music sequence
- Speederbike Storyboard comparison
- Easter Egg

A list of some of the resources used:

- 2004 DVD Supplemental Material
- 2006 OT DVD
- Laserdisc Supplementals
- Classic Creatures
- From Star Wars to Jedi: The Making of a Saga
- Other official DVD extras (if you know of any ROTJ footage let me know)
- Teasers Trailers
- Photos of Sand storm deleted scene (anyone got hi-res versions)
- Comic Adaptations
- Radio Drama
- Skywalker (BBC Radio 1 Programme)
- NPR Richard Marquand Audio Interview
- Return of the Ewok
- Horizon, How to Film the Impossible
- ROTJ Soundtrack (previously unreleased music)
- BBC Interview - Jeremy Bulloch
- Ocpmovie's Classic Edition
- Original and Special Editions
- Annotated Screenplays Book
- Wonder Column in Space CD
- When Star Wars Ruled the World
- Rarities 1
- Lucasfilm Archives book
- Art of ROTJ Book
- Star Wars Chronicles book
- Empire Building book

Thanks so much to everyone who supported and provided during the making of this


//Post Information//

Posted by............: ZeppelinRox
Date Posted..........: October 18, 2010
Availability.........: MultiUpload (also RS, MU, ZShare and HotFile)

In this release you'll find:

1 - The VIDEO_TS and DVD_ROM folders
2 - Addition artwork (.psd files) located in DVD_ROM folder
2 - This NFO file - Please... Do Not Remove!

Notes from ZeppelinRox:

1. Why ANOTHER PAL Complete version?

Well, when I had originally combined all the menus and extras, including the
DVD-ROM folder (containing artwork), from the original DL PAL DVD with the
updated Miami Underground Film Festival SL PAL DVD to make a MUFF Complete DVD,
I had left everything untouched so as to preserve its quality. However, it was
a bit too large to fit on a SL DVD. It is only 200 mb too big which makes it
even more annoying to me.
Also, when I converted it to NTSC, I had deinterlaced and sharpened the image a
bit and really liked the result.
Therefore, I decided to kill 2 birds with one stone - shrink it down to fit on
a SL DVD while enhancing the image with a bit of sharpening and deinterlacing.

2. Here is the script that I used:


Yeah, the FFT3D line made it slow as hell...

3. Tools used were mainly CCE SP2 (4 pass encoding including extras), PgcEdit,
and VobBlanker and MuxMan. Oh and MeGUI, since it makes it so easy to get d2v
files and simultaneously demux the Audio and Video streams.

4. Fixed the chapters to match the chapters on the original NTSC SL DVD. I
also added a couple near the beginning. I'm not sure about the chapters on the
original PAL version, but the chapter points on the aforementioned DL PAL MUFF
Complete DVD were not quite right.

5. I kept the bitrate as high as possible and pretty much maxed out a SL DVD
(4,698,534,486 bytes) :P.
If it's too big to burn comfortably, you may have to delete unwanted artwork
from the DVD_ROM folder or just zip them up.

6. To summarize the differences between this SL MUFF Complete and the previous
DL MUFF Complete. This DVD:
- fits on a SL DVD (duh)
- is progressive
- has a sharper picture
- has proper chapter points.



Please forgive me for being confused, but I am interested in downloading this off, but I'm not sure which one to grab now. I am in the US, so I would probably want NTSC, but there doesn't seem to be DL NTSC Miami version, only SL NTSC or DL PAL. There also doesn't seem to be a SL PAL version listed. I can play PAL DVDs but I would rather not have any speed issues, but on the other hand I want the best picture quality also. I noticed in the nfo above you mention the SL PAL is progressive and has a sharper image, plus proper chapter points - so would that look better than the DL PAL? Which should I be looking at?



Confusion is actually understandable LOL

Well no wonder there hasn't been downloads for the SL PAL MUFF Complete... it isn't listed yet. I could have sworn that it was... meh.

I will look into getting it listed that's for sure.

I had assembled 3 RTJ MUFF Complete dvds:

1. DL PAL: Which is untouched but 200 mb too large to fit on a SL DVD. Hence the DL label.

2. SL NTSC: Progressive, deinterlaced, sharpened, adjusted the chapters. NO speed issues at all. Audio is untouched.

3. SL PAL: Like the SL NTSC, progressive, deinterlaced, sharpened and has adjusted chapters.

I'm in NTSC country too but I prefer PAL versions (yay xbmc/htpcs)

Anyway, of the 3, I'm sticking with the SL PAL version.

The bitrate is not much lower (about 100 kbits/sec) than the original found on the DL PAL and I really like how it looks after the deinterlacing, sharpening and progressive encode.

My second pick would be the SL NTSC version for the same reasons.


btw, I'm about to finish uploading SL PAL and SL NTSC versions of the DL PAL Building Empire MUFF Complete DVD.

Both will also be deinterlaced, sharpened, be progressive and have adjusted chapters.


Awesome. Thanks very much for the explanations. Looking forward to the Building Empire also.



Ok it's all now online at, including the 2 new Building Empire DVDs as explained here :

At moment, the rar/dlc file for RTJ SL PAL is wrong (it loads the DL PAL links)

But for now it can be found inside BE's SL PAL rar file (which has both SL PAL dlcs)

Links are now fixed.

Just to be sure, the download size of each dvd is:

RTJ DL PAL: 4.37 gb

RTJ SL PAL: 4.19 gb

RTJ SL NTSC: 4.20 gb



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I would be grateful if somebody could send me the NTSC Miami versions of my films please. The first person that does will receive an early copy of Star Wars Begins before it's released in a few weeks.




Creator of Star Wars Begins, Building Empire and Returning to Jedi
Follow me on twitter @jamieSWB. Please support me at -


Some dude is selling my docos on ebay!

Please bombard him and ebay with emails. 

He's claiming he found them at a garage sale. I've heard it all now!

We've got to get them taken down.

Your help would be appreciated.



Creator of Star Wars Begins, Building Empire and Returning to Jedi
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The Demons are hungry. Zepplinrox's versions of Returning to Jedi are currently being consumed. Both single layer NTSC and dual layer PAL.

I would love to get hold of some ADigitalMan Extended Editions if anyone can help out. Monty Python's Life Of Brian, Love Actually Bloated and Flatulent. Ta!


Does anyone know if there's a problem with the first zip file in the Pal SL Miami version and perhaps can upload a corrected link?  All links downloaded properly but then extraction fails with the message the first file 001 is corrupt, CRC error (tried winrar and another prog to extract and file isn't reparable).  Many thanks.


By request of 20th Century Fox, my filmumentaries are no longer available on YouTube.


Sorry to hear this Jambe.  But it seems like the parent companies do a round of content removal whenever they release a new product.  Problem is each wave makes less and less information available, and society less informed.


Although it might be a dumb question, but is there currently any site available to get a copy of "Returning to Jedi"?


I'm desperately searching for a source at the known sources... Anybody a hint?


Thanks so much!

A young jedi named Darth Vader who was a pupil of mine until he turned to evil helped the empire hunt down and destroy the jedi knights. Vader was seduced by the dark side of the force.

Thanks for the link.


I'm actually trying to get the DVD, like I downloaded for Building Empire.

It's great to watch online, but I'd like to have the DVD;-) Any hints?



A young jedi named Darth Vader who was a pupil of mine until he turned to evil helped the empire hunt down and destroy the jedi knights. Vader was seduced by the dark side of the force.

I'm really looking to download the DL PAL Miami versions of RTJ and BE, if anyone can help me..

Or if someone can point me to the direction of myspleen, I'd be most appreciative.

Thank you




Now if only someone could upload the Miami version to MySpleen


I will upload but all I have is the NTSC version.


NTSC DVD is now available via Mega on