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Quote & Sale: Rare Revenge of the Jedi trailer


Hello everyone,
Don’t be put off by the title, this is NOT the trailer that’s on the internet.

It’s a thirty second teaser trailer in good condition with light dust marks throughout and some light bloom on the print, nothing that couldn’t be restored. There are no joins/splices on the film itself and no damage to the sprockets.
The film stock is dated 1982, and was intended for UK distribution.
The soundtrack takes the form of the Star Wars theme as far as I can remember, though its been 20 odd years since I watched the film so can’t be sure.

The main puzzle of this trailer is the text, “for the Christmas of 1983” A conundrum that hasn’t been solved yet, although someone has alluded to an internal Lucasfilm document arguing for and against a UK Christmas ’83 release.

I was a projectionist throughout most of the 1980’s, and found this trailer in the middle of an old test reel in about ’85.

I have photos, not sure how to upload them to the forum.

It is genuine. Any idea of its value?