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Question About Colors in Empire 35mm Grindhouse (also general technical question)


I have a maybe weird general question. I have the Empire Strikes Back Renegade Grindhouse version on my laptop. Since I don’t have a BD burner or anything, I’ve always watched the Despecialized Editions and any other fan preservations by hooking my laptop to my TV via an HDMI cord. I previously did this with my old MacBook (just recently kaput) and now my ASUS laptop. For the most part I find these look pretty nice, at least for my purposes.

Whenever I watch the Empire Grindhouse on my laptop, I notice the colors sometimes look a little off, in particular the blue text in the end credits look straight-up green (as in, if you had never seen the movie before and didn’t know the text was supposed to be blue, you would assume it was always green from looking at this), and blue “engine” lights on the back of some rebel ships also look pretty green. I actually assumed this was an issue of color fading of the print source. Weirdly, I also have the Return of the Jedi Grindhouse that Harmy made, and the end credits text looks perfectly blue. To my memory, the green text in Empire and blue text in Jedi is what it looked like on my MacBook as well.

However, I just finally hooked up the laptop to my TV and watched some parts of Empire to check out how it looked there, and the text is blue! The other colors seem more accurate to me as well. I do also notice that while the black space background on the end credits looks really solidly black on my laptop, it looks more “exposed” and bright on my TV as well. As far as I know, I’m using pretty standard settings on both devices. I have always noticed that when I watch something from laptop-to-TV the TV seems to display it somewhat brighter, but I’ve never noticed this huge a difference especially with colors looking completely different.

Anyone know the reason for this discrepancy? (Feel free to explain it like I’m a technical idiot.) If I finally get my act together and transfer these to Blu-Rays somehow, how will they look there?