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Problems with Encore - M2TS files transcode pending warning


Hi all,
After a few years of poor health, I’m able to get my DE blurays finished off.
I’ve got the latest Harmy MKV’s and I’ve turned them into M2TS files for import into Encore. I’ve got my menus working spot on and it all plays fine within Encore but When I’ve come to build the bluray iso, it won’t allow me to as I am getting a transcode pending warning on the m2ts file.
What am I missing?
Help would be much appreciated.


I think NJVC had to force it to go through warning and all, and then somehow remux the untouched .264 stream from the MKV into the BDMV folder, replacing the one Encore transcoded. I don’t know what he used to do this, maybe MultiAVCHD?