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Problem extracting RARs for Harmy/NJVC Star Wars BD25 "extras" disc


Hi, and thanks so much to Harmy, NJVC, and this wonderful board for re-creating and making available high-quality versions of the films I saw in theaters and loved as a child! It has been a mind-blowing experience to see these again in HD – it’s not just the removal of bad CGI, it’s the colors, the sound… it’s like taking a trip back in time!

Forgive me if I failed to find this in search, or if this is not the right way to post, but I am having trouble with the Star Wars “Documentaries” BD25 disc. Following the exact instructions in this excellent post:

I have been able to watch and enjoy all three films on BD50 as never before, but after downloading all the Star Wars Documentaries BD25 .rar files, I consistently get an error message when I try to extract the iso. It gets stuck, with and error message

Could not extract “Star Wars Documentaries.ISO” from the “Star Wars Documentaries.part11.rar” archive: file is incomplete

I have re-downloaded that file (part 11) twice, and still the same problem, producing an incomplete and unplayable ISO file. Using unarchiver on a 2015 Macbook Pro.

Any suggestions? Apologies again if this has already been discussed and solved elsewhere, I tried searching but had no luck.