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Power Rangers Hexagon (Work-In-Progress)


Before reading, watch this Hexagon Overview By Youtuber ‘The 6th Ranger’

Back around 2002, there was a proposed plan for a multi-Power Ranger season called ‘Hexagon’, which would have seen Tommy Oliver head up an organization made up of various Rangers over the last decade or so of the programme, battling the remnants of their greatest enemies as well as some new threats. The series would focus on a group of young teenage Rangers recruited by Tommy’s organization who would be gradually caught up in Tommy’s ongoing ‘disagreements’ with the Phantom Ranger and former teammate/rival Jason.

Eventually, there was to have been a mass Ranger civil war, ending with Tommy disbanding his organization.

It is my intention to create, to the best of my ability, my own version of the Hexagon season, though it will not be beholden to the original notes. In total, I have put together seven episodes thus far with this story. Here are the key differences

-The backstory for the villains is the same as Power Rangers In Space. Zordon is captured and the Turbo Rangers have been defeated

-The original Hexagon would have had the Ninja Storm Rangers as the heroes. In this version, it’s the Dino Charge Rangers

-Main villains are Mesegog and Astronema. For now.

-Forever Red is used as a two-part set-up

-The ‘evil Trent’ arc of Dino Thunder will be removed.

-Various PR fanfilms, such as Bat In The Sun projects as well as ‘Shattered Past’ will be used.

-In time I hope to bring the PR civil war to life using various Sentai vs Sentai sequences.

So far, I’ve put together seven episodes, a few of them have had minimal changes as some will be ‘filler’ character-focused stories about the core team of Dino Rangers.