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Possession (Andrzej Zulawski, 1981) - 35mm Scan opportunity


Hey everyone! Have a very exciting 35mm scanning opportunity - POSSESSION (1981). A film collector is liquidating his collection, so we can buy this for quite cheap.

As someone who’s seen the film on 35mm, I can personally attest to the fact that Possession has a very distinctive blue/glowy look theatrically. The existing BD transfers are pretty nice scans (albeit lower-contrast, coming from the OCN), but, as a massive fanboy of the movie, I can’t pass on this.

Happy to announce that this is the uncut European version of Possession. Specifically, it’s an Italian print, so we wouldn’t need to worry about the bizarre, truncated US cut.

To get this project to donators, we only need $460!

Buying Print - $90
Scanning - $300
Shipping - $60

I’m not 100% on shipping, but it might be cheaper. Off the bat, I’m willing to buy the print and pay (at least partially for shipping to the scanner), so I’ll put down a donation of $130 for now.

PLEDGES ($200/$460 - 44% funded)

The Aluminum Falcon - $130
SimonM99 - $20
Evit’s friend - $25
Evit - $20
pavemental- $5

PM me if you’re interested!


Confirming that the 35mm Possession print has been purchased and will be in safe hands shortly! Already had donations coming in from elsewhere, so we’re up to 42% funded now.

Really excited to make this one happen. 😃


Note that this film is not available in the US on any streaming platform, so if you’re US-based and have any interest in seeing it, do consider donating to this project.