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Please Start A New Petition For Disney!


So The Force Awakens is near and we're all super excited.

But what about getting the original unaltered versions that people have always wanted? I would have expected a petition would have been made by now, but it hasn't. We HAVE to keep the pressure on, otherwise the unaltered versions may never get released.

I have sworn to myself that I will never watch the original Star Wars films again until their released unaltered. I will not tolerate George Lucas butchering them and getting away with it. Star Wars is a cultural landmark that deserves to have it's unaltered version available, and Disney is our best chance of getting it.

It looks really unlikely that Disney are releasing them already, as we have not heard of a confirmation, they would need to sign a deal with Fox, etc. But we need to get them to sign that deal with Fox to get the original Star Wars films back.#

PLEASE make a petition for this admins!