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Pitching a SW Show set between ROTJ and TFA


Already, there have been SW cartoons on the Clone Wars with TCW (which is personally mixed, but does improve later on) and the Empire-era with SW: Rebels (which IMO is a little better than TCW, even though I lean more to the old EU in some parts). At some point, Rebels will end, leaving the gap between ROTJ and TFA to be explored via another show (cartoon/live-action).

If you were to pitch your idea for a SW show set between ROTJ and TFA, to whom would this show be directed and who are the characters and factions in the SW galaxy? What is would be could and what it is about? Where would most of the episodes take place? When would timeframe of this show and/or each season/series? How would it be done and how long would the show be? And most importantly, why even do this?

I would like to hear what you guys have in mind for this. This is more Disney-canon oriented, but you can include old EU elements, if you want to.

"Adventure, excitement. A Jedi craves not these things!"

- Yoda