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Pioneer CLD-1600 Laserdisc Player & Safe Transport


Hello all!

I have just bought a Laserdisc Player via ebay. This time I wanna make sure, the player still works after the Transport.

Does anyone has some knowledge about Transport Screws / Parking Position on Pioneer devices? The player I bought is the CLD-1600.

With BR, R2D2



Hi there

The CLD-1600 is not much different from the European model CLD-1750 which is clone version produced a year after the CLD-1600 came out. I have CLD-1750 NTSC/PAL model.

Not sure if you mean to remove the tray from player is that what you mean?    

I’ve been watching the current list of Pioneer laserdisc players only up for (buy it now) not in the least bit interested in bidding at silly prices that can go over the cost of the actual player when it was new. Did you bid for yours or (buy it now) at sensible price?

Basically there are two screws holding the transport try in position that is so you can’t pull it out form the player.

Once the screws are removed you can easily pull the tray out and replace it with new one or maybe its the tray that’s not moving all the way back into the player or fully retracting from the player because its slightly out of alignment?

The tray moves in and slides downwards a little bit so it mates the laserdisc or CD with the spindle motor while the hub clamps down to prevent the disc spinning off the spindle motor.

The laserdisc should only take a few seconds to fully stop and the tray moves upwards or eject moves upwards and moves out from the player.

Does it make any winning sounds if so it’s the motor that turns the cogs around inside that might be a little out of alignment.

That is an old player and I’d be surprised if most of its working.

Also spare parts for it are still attainable though some spare part suppliers. I just brought a few spare parts for the CLD-2950 that I used on CLD-1750 as the CLD-2950 needs just a bit more attention to detail to get it full up and working again.

As it goes I rather like CLD-1750 or clone like CLD-1600 which doesn’t have the use of PAL playback there’s a 16:9 button on the CLD-1750 where the Digital audio button is on the CLD-1600 that was turned into 16:9 why I don’t know as there are very few 16:9 laserdisc very few!  


Only the originals from the 70mm six-track Dolby stereo Dolby format 42 will sound better on DVD/Bluray.


Hey guys,

I just stumbled upon Your post. I still have a Pioneer CLD 1600 player for sale. Do You know anybody who might be interested?
I don’t want to give it away to somebody who doesn’t appreciate the nostalgic value .