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Pingu in 16:9 Widescreen


I always expressed my thoughts of having a Pingu episode re-edited for high definition widescreen format. I attempted to do it with a Season 1 episode - “Pingu’s Lavatory Story”, or, “Little Accidents” depending on what video release you have titles it. But it never really looked “good”, because my widescreen attempts including “poor MS Paint shape tools” as well as “poor character chroma keying” (Characters usually went off the screen in some shots) including “poor motion tracking” too.

I am attempting to do it again this time with 'some help", as well as using much better software “Movie Studio 14.0 as well as upscaling software in this case” and do it for the first episode, and if possible, the entire Seasons 1-4. Season 5 and 6 were done entirely in widescreen, albeit cropped to 4:3 for American home media releases. I attempted widescreening by using “Pingu Is Introduced”, a.k.a. “Hello Pingu”. I used the Mirror effect on a few frames and they somewhat look “decent”.

Honestly, I may need some people for shots that may not be easy for me to widescreen. For example, any shot where a character moves off screen, or when the camera moves in some sort of way. Shots need to be upscaled to provide a full high-definition effect. I AM thinking of doing color grading to make it look more like the next 3 seasons (ESPECIALLY Season 3 and 4).