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Palpatine's Return - The Missing Flashback of TRoS


Forest Moon of Endor - Night
In the distance is a lively Ewok village. Debris is falling from the sky. One chunk too big to burn up is shot down by an X-Wing. Another chunk, though, despite its small size, does not burn up. Instead, it strikes the ground, leaving behind a crater. An Ewok comes to investigate, and a hand weakly reaches out of the crater.

Ewok Village - Night
Several Ewoks arrive carrying a barely moving cadaver. It’s so burned it’s unidentifiable. The others all gasp in amazement.

Ewok Hut - Day
The corpse is seated on a throne of sticks and bones. The Ewoks appear slightly less well groomed. Two more Ewoks show up with another healthier Ewok prisoner. They hold him up to the corpse and he absorbs the poor little furry fellow’s essence, Dark Crystal style. After a moment, the corpse moves his mouth a little. He breathes a sigh of satisfaction. Then, he lets out a maniacal laugh in the unmistakable voice of Palpatine.

Ewok Hut - Night
The Ewoks are now disgustingly mangy. Palpatine is vaguely recognizable. An absurdly tall human in an extravagant outfit enters, accompanied by two First Order stromtroopers. The man bows and after a moment, the stormtroopers confusedly follow his example.
Palpatine: Geraltin Snoke. What took you so long?
Snoke: I’m sorry, my Lord. I sensed you were still out there, but we had to regroup and regain our strength before we could risk a voyage so deep into Republic space.
Palpatine: I trust you have made the preparations for my transportation.
Snoke: Yes, my lord.
One of the stormtroopers brings forth a hovering throne.
Snoke: And what of Lord Vader?
Palpatine: He has succumbed to weakness and gotten the fate he deserved. Think no more of him.
Snoke: Very well.

Exegol Temple
Palpatine emerges from a bacta tank, looking mildly healthier, but still in poor shape. Snoke, now sporting a large scar across his head, enters, escorting a Gungan prisoner dressed in formal attire.
Gungan: Yousa crazy if yousa think da Senate gonna stand for disa.
Snoke: Oh don’t worry, senator. They will be dealt with soon enough.
Palpatine: I grow tired of these feeble sacrifices. I need you to perform the ancient dyad technique.
Snoke: You mean…?
Palpatine: Yes.
They both begin chanting Ancient Sith in unison as the gungan is lifted into the air. He starts spinning faster and faster and faster until his eyes start glowing white and then burst into flames that then start pouring out of his mouth and there’s energy going everywhere, and Snoke’s face is being sucked in and boom- …the gungan’s gone.
The energy is absorbed by Palpatine, now looking in decent shape, as he did in The Rise of Skywalker. He stands more firmly, tossing away the cane he had been using. Snoke, now scarred to look as he did in The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, bows.
Snoke: Welcome back, my lord.
Palpatine: My lord? No. From now on, you shall call me master, Darth Rifficus.
Close up of Snoke’s surprised eyes.


Wasn’t Snoke created by Darth Sidious?

The unfortunate reality of the Star Wars prequel and Disney trilogies is that they will always be around. Forever. They will never go away. It can never be undone.

I also prefer to be referred to as “TNT”, not “Freezing”.