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Outlines for remakes of the nine Star Wars saga films.


As we all know, movies are currently being remade or even rebooted, from Star Trek to the Disney remakes such as The Lion King, who knows if the Star Wars saga will be rebooted/remade someday, and how will it be remade? If I were to remake all nine episodic films, I would tell a coherent and connected story, and to make better versions of the prequels, The Force Awakens, and The Last Jedi.

And yes, I know that some of you don’t actually want a remake of the Star Wars films, but don’t worry: this will be in it’s own separate universe/continuity and will not have anything to do with the current Star Wars timeline/universe.

And, of course, I can’t have any of them be exact copies, I have to put in at least something new. Also, some of the titles will indeed be changed (e.g. The Last Jedi will now be called The Rise of Skywalker). If you have ideas for some plot point changes, let me know!

I have some ideas planned already, but I can’t think of any more plot point changes for any of the original six films, mainly due to lack of ideas. Also, I will not tell you the changes for the sequel trilogy because I feel that the changes would fit in a Wikipedia-like plot summary.

Below, I will be telling you the plot points that I have came up with for remakes of the original six films, and I feel that telling you changes for The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi would fit in better in actual plot descriptions. Here you go:


  • Jar Jar is no longer a comic relief and speaks normally
  • Naboo is Alderaan
  • There is no chosen one prophecy
  • The heroes are shot down as they crash onto Tatooine
  • Obi-Wan goes with Jar Jar and Padmé on Tatooine, while Qui-Gon stays in the ship
  • No podracing
  • Anakin is now a teenager
  • Darth Maul still wounds Qui-Gon, but doesn’t kill him. Obi-Wan is also beaten, but Anakin intervenes and severly injures Maul.
  • The duels are slow and don’t look like stupid dance-offs, like in the original trilogy

more coming soon


  • The title is now The Clone Wars
  • Maul is in place of Dooku
  • Boba Fett is not a clone and is instead Jango’s actual son
  • The clone troopers are evil, and are used instead of battle droids
  • Yoda doesn’t fight Maul (in place of Dooku), and instead saves Anakin and Obi-Wan from being crushed (the latter is just like in the movie)
  • The duels are slow and don’t look like stupid dance-offs, like in the original trilogy

more coming soon


  • Jango Fett replaces Grievous
  • We know that Padmé is pregnant, but we never directly learn that Anakin is the father of the potential child
  • Anakin uses Force lightning on Padmé instead of Force-choking her
  • (Not my idea) Yoda uses the Force to project himself and stall Palpatine before he can even get to Mustafar and save Anakin
  • The Mustafar duel is on the collapsing Separatist building
  • No high ground. Anakin’s hand is cut off and is about to fall off, but Obi-Wan feels remorseful for Anakin and asks to hold his hand so he can get up, but Anakin refuses and falls into his seemingly demise (we still see him get discovered by Sidious and become Darth Vader on-screen).
  • We don’t see the birth of the twins: we just assume that Padmé and her baby were killed when Anakin used Force-lightning on her
  • The duels are slow and don’t look like stupid dance-offs, like in the original trilogy

more coming soon


  • Luke’s last name isn’t Skywalker, so we wouldn’t suspect that Luke and Vader are related
  • Tarkin is Darth Vader’s advisor
  • Vader sends Boba Fett to look for the droids on Tatooine
  • Boba Fett shows up at the Lars’ home and destroys it, killing Owen and Beru, while Luke, C-3P0, and R2 are saved by Obi-Wan
  • Han shoots only
  • No Jabba, it ruins his reveal in Return of the Jedi
  • (NOT SURE) Instead of blowing up Alderaan, Tarkin threatens Leia to reveal the location of the Rebels or else her father Bail is executed, so Leia confesses that it’s on Dantooine. Tarkin, realizing that Bail isn’t needed anymore, orders to have Bail be executed
  • The fight between Vader and Obi-Wan is similar to SC 38 Reimagined (in terms of clashing lightsabers and using the Force)
  • (NOT SURE) The Death Star is damaged and not destroyed, meaning that we wouldn’t need to have another Death Star in Return of the Jedi
  • Tarkin lives
  • No award ceremony at the end. Instead, we get Vader speaking to the Emperor, setting up the next installment

more coming soon


  • Luke gets to see more visions in the future
  • Yoda passes away before Luke leaves to fight Vader

more coming soon


  • Not only does Obi-Wan’s Force ghost advise Luke, but Yoda’s ghost does too
  • When Luke attacks Vader, he slashes the helmet off, as we see Anakin’s face
  • Vader sacrifices himself against Palpatine, allowing Luke to escape
  • Palpatine does not die: he escapes via a portal into the World Between World (from Rebels), setting up the sequel trilogy

more coming soon

If you have any ideas for any new major plot point changes, let me know in the comments below! For now, let me know your thoughts on my ideas in the comments below.

The unfortunate reality of the Star Wars prequel and Disney trilogies is that they will always be around. Forever. They will never go away. It can never be undone.

I also prefer to be referred to as “TNT”, not “Freezing”.