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Out of Context Thread: New and Improved



  1. Posts must quote something from this forum.
  2. Posts must not alter the quote other than removing words (or letters) from before and after the quoted part. No deleting words or punctuation within the quoted section, and no adding words (or letters) or punctuation.
  3. Posts must not quote the entire quote.
  4. Posts may not quote a quote that was modified in order to get around any of the other rules.
  5. Removing just an image from the post is not acceptable, regardless of the number of words in the image.
  6. Posts must include a minimum of one character from the original post.
  7. Only the OP may make the rules. And only the OP may ignore the rules.
  8. Posts may not remove a single punctuation mark unless doing so alters the meaning of the original post.
  9. Posts may not remove anything for the sole purpose of breaking the Markdown formatting.
  10. Posts may not be a random character or string of characters.

Please refer to retroactively added rule #3.