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Original Trilogy: Limited Edition (2006 GOUT) - DVD Subtitles Project (Released)


Forty years ago in a galaxy far, far from far away…
STAR WARS was released!

Happy 40th Anniversary!

Use the files included in this download to update your original trilogy DVDs so that the look of the subtitles almost perfectly matches their original appearance in theaters. No re-encoding is required, so the video and audio of your DVDs will be left completely untouched, and there will be absolutely no loss in quality.



The font I used to create the subtitles is:
ITC Franklin Gothic LT Medium Condensed

If anyone knows of a font that is a closer match to the original in-theater appearance of the subtitles, please let me know! The font I’m using is close, but isn’t quite perfect.

The circle is now complete! Use these subtitles together with these DVD covers and disc labels, and with their combined strength, you can end this destructive conflict between theatrical release and home video, and bring order to the galaxy!