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Novice Advice on Hardware needed for a Fan edit for TLJ


So I am a complete novice at this sort of thing and was wondering if I could have some honest advice from your perspectives on fan editing for someone like me.

So I watched the Last Jedi and immediately knew I could never like it in its current form and almost immediately started searching the Internet with a need which looks like it could provide a solution for.

The truth is, I’m a serious novice. It shames me to say I dont even have a laptop. But such is my desire to create a film which can bridge the gap between TFA and episode IX that I’m willing to buy one and try and learn the skills needed.

Do you think it’s realistic for a someone in my predicament to purchase a laptop, browse this website, learn the basics and create my own fan edit without years of computer practice?

If so, what would be your recommendations for the hardware in order to achieve this? I understand that it depends on budget etc but let’s just say the cheapest it could be to achieve scene swapping, cuts, extractions and reinserting of deleted scenes and obviously a bit of sound/score volume editing where possible.

You can probably tell by my questions how much of a novice I am. Apologies in advance.

The truth is a lot of my ideas have been articulated by members already on here so I think my thought process is thereabouts but obviously my computer literacy is lacking like Maz Kanata’s TMI filter.

Thanks for your time.


So what computer do you have?

You needn’t a more powerful PC to edit. Many editors commonly edit with LQ clip proxies which they then should substitute for HQ clips before the final render. Hollywoot does this.