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Novels/comics fanedits


Hello guys 😉
So I ve been wondering for a while now. We have dozens of fanedits of the movies and serieses, but has anyone ever thought about doing a fanedit of a Star Wars comic book or a novel?
I think it could be as much fun and even much more simple than editing a movie. I mean, videoediting is like thousand times more difficult.

For example, wouldnt it be nice to edit a Little bit Thrawn Trilogy So it would fit the current Canon movies? Like changing the twins into Ben Solo, fixing the date issues etc.
Or trying to edit a Legacy comic books So it fit TROS ending. For eg. Cade as a grandson of Rey Skywalker. It would explain well the healing abilities and the dark side roots.
Or Dark Empire. I think the part I and II could be easily modify to fit the sequel trilogy (especially the big TROS twist).

What do you think people?


I actually did a little of this a while back, Star Wars Legacy issues 1 and (I think) 7 were set at the same time, showing similar scenes from another prespective, so I cut the two together.