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Need help writing the Silver Screen edition on a DL Blu Ray.


I bought a blu ray writer and a box of ten DL blu rays specifically to write the Silver Screen edition on to disc. I’m using a brand spanking new iMac and Toast 11 with the blu plug in. So far I’ve done nothing more than make five very expensive coasters.
I’ve tried to write the ISO file I downloaded and when that didn’t work I tried making an image file through Toast but that didn’t work for shit. I always get the “unstable connection” error message and I’ve tried turning every program off and even turning off sleep mode so nothing interferes with it.
So now I’m stopping until I find a fool proof way of writing this damn file on to disc. Is there another program I should use instead? Are my discs crap (they are MediaRange BD-R DL)?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.