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My star wars prequel trilogy fan Edit (new episode I, II, and III)


I my self an a new generation Star wars fan and a lot has been said about about the prequels and the special editions. I can understand both George Lucas's and the fans Point of view. As a kid I loved TPM ATOC and ROTS and the original trilogy the same. Now as a late teenager, my opinion of ROTS has changed only a little, but my thoughts on TPM and ATOC certainly have. 

Last year I viewed two popular Fan edits, The Phantom Edit and Star Wars: A New Hope revisited and i loved them. So I looked at ATOC and said "well, Attack of the Clones isn't perfect" So I decided to give it a shot. And for the past year I have been working on my ATOC edit. With a new tittle...

"The Dark Side Beckons"

I won't go into detail of what I have done yet. I will explain my plan for the prequels though. To start off The Phantom Menace is no longer part of the saga. There's just not nearly enough that happens in it that deals with the sagas over all story. Being Anakin Skywalker's fall and his redemption. Now My fan edit "The Dark side Beckons." (ATOC) is the beginning of the saga. With the Army of the Republic being established and Anakin's mother dying being the turning point to the dark side is a MUCH better way to set everything up for the saga.

So what does this mean for episode III. I still want the saga to be a six chapter story, so I am going to split ROTS into two movies. Episode II is the first half of ROTS going all the way up to Anakin turning to the dark side. Episode III is the rest of it. However this poses a challenge. Episode II will have reinserted scenes that were cut from it to make not a painfully short, but for episode III there's not any deleted scene from the last half or ROTS so as a student filmmaker I'm likely going to film new scenes of the attack on the Jedi temple. This will intense visual effects and sound editing, for what I plan to do with it, but if can be done it will add a lot to the original 7 minute montage on the Jedi being killed. I want to make the movie all about the fall of the Jedi and the fate of the galaxy.

If you want to get involved, please leave feedback, suggestions, on what you would like to see in this prequel trilogy edit. And also I'm an after effects guy myself so if you want to put me up to something please let me know

please like my Fan edit Facebook Page for photos, videos and updates.