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My new project (* unfinished project *)


*What is it?
I have no idea whether anyone has tackled this or similar but I had an idea the other day and I just can’t shake it. I am now planning on creating an animated slideshow / cartoon based on the Star Wars Evasive Action webstrips - Specifically ‘Prey’.

*Why bother?
I’ve got a few projects on the backburner but they all require a fair bit of work, I was trying to think of something quick to throw together where most or all of the ingredients were already supplied. then i thought about the ‘lost’ red dwarf episode titled ‘identity within’ and the third main reason was a recent listen to the symphony for a saga 2.0 [tpm] which really got me thinking.

*Tech specs…
I’m planning to set it up in a 16:9 ratio and am predicting tat it will run for approx 30 minutes.

There will of course be music and sound effects however I am still undecided as to whether I will include actual vocal dialogue or stick with written dialogue.

For The most part the animation will be very basic as I’m trying to showcase the story and artwork - the odd zoom or pan here and there…I’ve got a few ideas to liven things up but i really don’t want to overdo it.

Oh, and I’ll be colourising it. I’ve been thinking about shading and highlighting, but as there is already a lot of shading in the images I’ll see how things look. I’m wondering whether to use rich deep colours or pale, almost washed out tones. I’ll probably need to reference colours, ie: characters light sabers and such so if anyone has useful info i’ appreciate it.

*This is a call…
For anyone who’d be interested in contributing vocally to the project. I’m not 100% sure whether i’ll go that route yet, just wanna keep my options open…

and of course i’m happy to hear from anyone [except lucasfilm ] about any aspect of the project

What do you guys thing?

More details to follow…

Nice idea, I thought about this one myself, but not to the extent you have in mind.

Don't know if I can help with vocals but let me know if you need a hand with anything else

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email me for details daveytod AT btinternet DOT com


Hey guys i'm working on some details. If ya have any ideas or suggestions, fire away - no matter how crazy...

I'll try get up some stuff soon - even at least some place holder stuff to show you what i have in mind.

Oh and earlier when i said Prey - i meant Recruitment. But i'd consider using elements from seperate strips ie: flashback sequences and such. Basically whatever tells a compelling story.