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My idea for Terminator 6


So the other day I got bored and started thinking about what this supposed “half reboot, half confusion” movie for the Terminator franchise could possibly be like. I jotted down some ideas and because I don’t really know where else to put them, I figured I could share them here.

So without further ado, for those who give a shit, here’s my pointless fan-outline for Terminator 6:

Its the 1950s. Picture like a Grease/ Happy Days type of setting. We see a bunch of teenagers in leather jackets with DA haircuts drinking egg creams and eating burgers while listening to some Elvis on a jukebox at a restaurant. Everyone is having a good time. We start to focus in on this one particular couple, Sean and Jane. Since they’re with all their friends, they’re acting like everything is fine, but we as the audience can tell that something is not quite right.

Later on, the two of them are alone at a drive-in, and we find out that the reason they’re not quite getting along these days is cause one wants to go steady and the other doesn’t (yeah, I’m really pushing the 1950s angle here). Suddenly (you guessed it!), a terminator shows up. It’s not old Arnold or cgi young Arnold. It’s just a new terminator that we’ve never seen before. Let’s just say he’s the T-4000 (they’re running out of numbers for these things). He reeks havoc at the drive-in and chases Sean and Jane into the woods (think like a really classic horror-style sorta sequence). Just when it looks like they’re fucked, a reprogrammed terminator shows up. Again, it’s not Arnold. I imagine him being pretty similar to that Marcus character from Terminator Salvation. But because I don’t want to make direct ties to that film, lets just say this guy is named Mark. Anyway, he saves the young couple and gets them away from the T-4000 and to some place where they’re safe for the time being. There, he explains (not in these exact words):

“your future daughter will have a son who becomes the messiah of the post-apocalyptic world. because of that, this thing called skynet has sent terminators back in time to try to kill both your daughter as well as her son. None of their attempts at this have worked, though, so now they’ve decided to backtrack a step and try to kill the two of you instead.”

The bulk of the film then progresses pretty similarly to the original terminator film, with Sean and Jane growing closer together. Soon enough, they have sex.

Eventually, Mark manages to blow the T-4000 to pieces (some fragments still remain scattered around), but in order to pull this off he is forced to sacrifice himself in a way where he is destroyed as well (but again, fragments of him still remain).

Not too long after, Sean and Jane have decided to try to “fight fire with fire” in order to stop skynet once and for all. By having previously gotten information from Mark before he died, they come up with a plan. Jane breaks into the home of the couple who will go on to give birth to Miles Dyson, the founder of Skynet, while Sean breaks into the home of the ancestor of the person who will someday invent time travel (just cause its the 1950s, lets say this person is named Doc Brown).

Just like how Sarah Connor has a gun pointed to a defenseless Miles in T2, both Jane and Sean have guns pointed at their defenseless targets. Furthermore, just like Sarah did in T2, Jane comes to her senses and realizes what she is doing is morally wrong, so she lowers her gun and lets the Dysons live…Sean, on the other hand, pulls the trigger. He kills the ancestor of whoever will invent time travel, thus preventing all of the other movies in the series from ever being able to happen.

The Dysons agree to let Jane go without pressing any charges. Sean, on the other hand, is jailed for life. Some time later, Jane finds out she’s pregnant with his baby (remember, they fucked earlier). So Sarah and John Conor are both still born, and skynet still happens cause Jane let the Dysons live, but in this version of the cycle, time travel doesn’t exist, so skynet no longer has their “time travel plan b” thing to fall back on once John defeats them and wins the war in the future. So now not only is the franchise totally reset, but its locked in a fixated timeline so the filmmakers can no longer use time travel as a stupid retcon in future films.