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My Take On Spider-Man 4 - WIP


My plan is to create as long a fan cut of the elusive Spider-Man 4 as possible, using footage from other Toby McGuire films (such as “Pawn Sacrifice”), and dialogue from the video games, Fox’s Ghost Rider movies, and the Marc Webb Amazing Spider-Man films for the ‘third act’

A lot of these ideas and concepts may change over time, and the edit might prove to be a bit rough, but that’s where feedback comes in

-Movie will be adaptation of “One More Day”, where Peter trades his relationship with Mary Jane to save his Aunt May from a bout with cancer.
-Footage from the 2002 Spider-Man Teaser Trailer Will Be Used As The Intro
-Peter now has a backstory as a chess protoge (just to help extend the length of the movie with some Parker drama)
-Deleted Scenes From Spider-Man 2 will be used
-Main villains are Mephisto and Electro (possibly Vulture also?)
-Nicolas Cage’s Johnny Blaze will make sporadic appearances throughout the edit
-Use Snake Eyes of G.I Joe as ‘Agent Venom’ For Possible End-Credits Scene, use footage from the movie “Venom” to explain it’s origins. Maybe ‘recast’ Tom Hardy as Flash Thompson and edit out all references to his name being Eddie?


Additionally, I have had offers from people I’ve met on Discord to supply VFX effects…and I got a suggestion to use the devil from the movie Legend as Mephisto’s devil form.


Progress so far

-Worked out ‘reality warp’ sequence during a chess game
-Worked out a conversation between Mary Jane and Mephisto (very rough though, might take some suspense of disbelief)
-Developed a brief skirmish between Peter and Mephisto



I was contacted by someone over on Discord who’s going to help with the VFX on this.