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My Star Wars prequels rewrite - Using Lucas' original drafts, Expanded Universe and more



The prophecy of the Son of the Suns: Yoda discovered the “Journal of the Whills”, an ancient Journal that stated that a savior, named “The Son of the Suns”, would destroy the evil forces of the Force. Yoda formed a team of Jedi Masters and powerful politicians and senators who searched for years for the Chosen One, swearing to protect him from The Sith who wanted to control the Chosen One and use him to rule the Galaxy. Eventually, the members of Yoda’s team were all killed and Yoda decided to stop the Search.

The Clone Wars were a deadly conflict that occurred 35 years before a New Hope and started 10 years before Episode 1 (and is raging throughout the entire trilogy). The Clone Wars were fought between the “Dark Worlds Alliances”, Alliance of Mobsters, War-Lords, Mandalorian Lords, and corrupt aristocrats that submitted their loyalty to the Sith Order, an ancient Order that serves as a foil to the Jedi Order and uses forbidden ways of the Force. The Sith has under their command the Clone Masters, led by Atha Prime from Arkaan. The Clone Masters created the Sith’s Clone Army, which consists of Mandalorian soldiers and Aliens. The Dark Worlds’ main goal was to remake the Galaxy by the Mandalorian ways, believing that the Republic is weak and passive. Think of an allegory to the Nazis or how the US views China during these days.

The Clone Wars led to the fall of the Democratic party in the Old Republic and to the rise of the Imperial Party, led by Da**** Palpatine and his right-hand man, the militaristic Admiral Tarkin. Palpatine used the Public’s fear and managed to be elected as President. (Think of Richard Nixon or Trump’s rise to power)

The Sith Order: "The Dark Jedi Knights are the Knights of the Sith Order…but they are not Lords of the Sith…there can only be one Sith Lord, an ancient lineage of Emperors. They reside on the secret Planet of Korriban, but the last Emperor was defeated generations ago, and the Jedi Masters lost their access to Korriban. Most of them don’t even know if this Planet is real…”

There can only be one Lord of the Sith, the Emperor of the Sith. There was an ancient lineage of Emperors, each time a Dark Jedi overthrew his Emperor and took over the throne of Korriban, therefore becoming the new Sith Emperor.

The Sith Apprentice is a Dark Jedi Knight and a Knight of the Sith Order.

The last known Sith Emperor was Darth Valorum (who will be later revealed to be Palpatine’s old Master)

The Jedi Order consists of Masters, Knights, and Apprentices. Masters are involved with the Senate, and Knights and Apprentices are fighting on the frontlines. An Apprentice is becoming a Knight when he manages to construct his own Lightsaber.

The Grand Master of the Jedi Order is Albus Terrek while Yoda is beyond the Order and serves as an advisor. His last apprentice was Obi-Wan

The Dark Worlds Alliances, led by the Dark Jedi Knight Darth Maul, enslaved the Planet of Alderaan; one of the elite Planets of the Old Republic. Prince Bail Organa and his future wife, Lady Nellith Valerian, escape to Coruscant.

Nellith Valerian is a member of ther Alderaanian aristocracy

We are introduced to our main hero, Anakin Skywalker (19 years old). Anakin is an orphan slave on Kessel, owned by Lady Arcadia (the rival of the Hutts). He is bullied by the local bully Brotus and Brotus’ gang. Anakin is naive, innocent and a good-hearted boy much like Luke in Episode 4, but with some key flaws such as a hot temper, rebellious nature, abandonment issues and can sometimes get a bit arrogant, also like Luke in the Original Star Wars or his Canon version in Episode 2; For example, Anakin rushes to fight against Brotus, who easily beats him and humiliates him in front of everyone. Anakin’s arc in Episode 1 is a clear allegory to Luke Skywalker in Episode 4 and King Arthur; Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s journey. A key theme in Anakin’s arc, throughout the entire trilogy, is destiny; Anakin lost his mother when he was 9 years old, but always remembers that she promised him that he is destined to be someone special, therefore he is desperate to be someone special like his mother believed him to be; he believes that this his destiny. Owen manages to keep him on the ground and Anakin, desperate, agrees with Owen’s wishes: once Anakin buys his freedom, he will work on Owen’s spice freighter. This is his destiny

Anakin is discovered by Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn and Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi. The two quickly sense the Force within him; but Anakin’s best friend, Owen Lars, tries to keep them away from him. Anakin rejects the call for an adventure at first (most like every classic monomyth hero), but after trusting Qui-Gon and with his advice barley winning the pod-race against Brotus (after Brotus tries to kill Anakin on the race), Anakin accepts the call. Anakin is freed from slavery by the two Jedi.

They believe him to be the Son of the Suns. While the three arrive on Coruscant, Anakin experiences the Elite Planet, Coruscant, for the first time.

Anakin falls in love with Nellith Valerian. Their romance is classic; Two teens at the same age from different backgrounds, are starting a forbidden romance. Anakin is the heroic, noble hero while Nellith is the beautiful Lady that feels “enslaved” by the Alderaanian aristocracy. They connect with each other and eventually kisses at EP1’s final

Qui-Gon becomes Anakin’s father figure, while Obi-Wan becomes his best friend and believes in him. Anakin also connects with President Palpatine, who inspires him to trust his feelings.

Anakin is essentially rejected by the Jedi Order because of his age, but after Qui-Gon is killed by Darth Maul, he is accepted into the Order as Obi-Wan’s Jedi Apprentice

Darth Maul, our main villain, is the leader of the Dark Worlds Alliances Mandalorian Clone Army. He is a terrifying Dark Jedi Knight who is seemingly invincible; he hunts down Republican Soldiers and Jedi Knights, the Dark Worlds’ council members are completely terrified of him.

Other memorable villains are the Clone Master Atha Prime, The War-Lord Vollul Collaikrunn and the Mandalorian Clone Army.

Memorable supporting characters are Prince Bail Organa who is a close friend of Obi-Wan and already fought alongside him during the War, Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon’s Alien sidekick Riku, Bail Organa’s father, King Val Organa, and other Republican soldiers, Jedi Masters and Knights that are introduced throughout the trilogy.

Yoda has a small appearance at the end, accepting Anakin into the Order and promising to Obi-Wan that he will watch out for him. Yoda’s role in the trilogy is minor; he is mainly there as an advisor to Obi-Wan and sometimes to Anakin.

It is discovered that Maul is planning to construct the Death Star.

Episode 2 pick up 4 years after Episode 1, Anakin is a Young Jedi Apprentice that his heading towards the trials of Knighthood. Obi-Wan is as well a leader of the Knights and is fighting for the House of Organa. Obi-Wan and Anakin became brothers in arms; War heroes.

Meanwhile, we see a glimpse of how Palpatine took more and more powers throughout the War, and is now promising to order the Largest Clone Army from the Clone Masters of the Arkaan systems, but it will only be possible with the Emergency power acts. The Jedi Masters try to stop this at all cost, while Anakin actually finds himself closer to Palpatine’s ideology then the Jedi.

We see how Palpatine is tempting Anakin; for example, he gives him and Nellith a high-class apartment for free and is pushing for his Knighthood. It’s also becoming clear that Anakin is closer to the hawkish ideology of the Imperial Party then the passive ideology of the Jedi Masters. This is also because Palpatine took Qui-Gon’s role as the father figure in Anakin’s life. Obi-Wan is full of himself that he trained Anakin as well as Yoda and is pushing for Anakin’s Knighthood, ignoring Albus Terrek’s warnings

Yoda serves a minor role as an advisor to Anakin and Obi-Wan, while Grand Master Albus Terrek and Master Valen are the main Masters.

We see Sidious manipulating Maul and fleshing out Maul’s past: He is basically a dark mirror to Anakin, as he was once a slave as well and was freed by the Sith, believed to be the Starkiller, the Sith’s Chosen One.

After several killing attempts at Nellith and Bail’s life, Obi-Wan is hired to protect Bail while Anakin is hired to protect Nellith.

Darth Maul sends a team of bounty hunters after Anakin: It is discovered that Maul’s Master, the new Sith Emperor, suspects Anakin to be the Sith’s Chosen One: the Starkiller. Maul promises to destroy Anakin and prove himself to be worthy of his destiny. Anakin and Maul’s arcs mirror each other as the two are after a destiny that was promised to them by someone else.

Anakin’s flaws are highlighted: He seeks for revenge against Maul for killing Qui-Gon, which leads to a clash with Obi-Wan: Obi-Wan wants to bring Maul to justice, Anakin wants him dead, supported by Palpatine. Anakin’s attitude is causing the Jedi Masters to be worried and wonder if he is ready for Knighthood. Another flaw of Anakin that is explored is his lack of ability to let go; he just can’t let go which would eventually lead to his fall.

Eventually, Anakin and Nellith crash on the Planet of Nelvaan, a Planet that was enslaved by Maul. The Nelvaan arc is what truly challenges Anakin and send him towards the Dark Side: He experiences the horrors of the War in a way that effected him the most: slavery and his destiny. In Nelvaan, Anakin is declared to be the Ghost Hand: the savior of the Nelvaanian tribe from their village’s destined hunter (which is Maul), which gives another dimension to Anakin and Maul’s rivarly.

In Nelvaan, Anakin unlocks his demons, uses the Dark Side for the first time and eventually abandons the Jedi way, which is concluded as he promises to Nellith that he will leave the Order for her, as inspired by Palpatine. Anakin develops an “all meanings possible” attitude, he will do everything it takes to bring peace, order, and justice, in his own way; even if opposed to the Jedi.

Obi-Wan and Bail are on the Planet of Byss, a Planet of the Dark Worlds. They partner there with a bounty hunter named Spar, who promises to help the two if he will be paid. The three discovers about the construction of the Death Star by the Clone Masters’ team led by Atha Prime. Spar eventually betrays Kenobi and Bail, revealing that he used them so he can kill his competitors.

Anakin, horrified that he might lose another loved one, rejects the Jedi’s instructions and goes to save Obi-Wan by himself, with Palpatine giving him a squad under his command for the mission. Anakin again proves himself to be unable to let go of his loved ones and do everything in his own way no matter what. The Battle of Byss starts.

Anakin and Maul eventually face each other in a deadly duel: Anakin, despite tapping into the Dark Side, loses. Maul reveals the horrible truth: The Son of the Suns prophecy is wrong, and the true prophecy is Valorum’s prophecy; The Starkiller.

As the Battle of Byss ends, the Republic manages to take over the Death Star plans. Palpatine is granted the emergency powers and reshapes the Republic into “The Empire”.

Anakin is Knighted, constructing his own Lightsaber, but feels…conflicted. Something is wrong

Anakin, finally feeling that his destiny is not to be a Jedi, goes to his father figure: Palpatine. After seeing the horrible effect of the War, Anakin vows to bring order to the Galaxy at all costs: By his own ways. Anakin becomes Palpatine’s right hand man, and Palpatine gives Anakin private command over the Imperial Clone Army. At the time between the Episode 2 and 3, Anakin, with the support of his new ally Palpatine, will hunt down every person who is opposing the Empire. He is willing to abandon the Jedi ways so he can bring peace, order and safety under the President and the Empire

Obi-Wan, Nellith, Bail Organa, Albus Terrek, Mon Mothma and Val Organa are making an Alliance to counter the Imperial Party’s hostile takeover on the Republic.

Episode 3 is 3 years after Episode 2. It opens on a brutal montage on Aquilaean ; Anakin slaughters the Dark Worlds’ main members that we met on Episode 1 and 2 such as Atha Prime. We get a taste of how darker and more violent Anakin became under Palpatine’s influence. Palpatine molded him into a fighting machine; a weapon. He completely abandons the Jedi way and is basically Palpatine’s Apprentice at this point.

Anakin has his “binary sunset moment”, which symbolizes the beginning of his trainings in the Dark Side much like it symbolized Luke’s beginning of his Jedi trainings.

The Republic is on a moral downfall - corrupted Politicians and Oligarchs from the Imperial party, supported by the President, managed to seize power, the Jedi Order lost his influence.

Darth Maul is searching for the Kaliburr Crystal that will give him the access the Korriban - the Planet of the Sith. Meanwhile the Dark Worlds Alliances are crumbling while Anakin is leading Palpatine’s Empire and is enforcing an iron fist role, becoming a violent Warlord and a War criminal.

Its becoming clear that there is a power struggle between Palpatine’s Imperial Party and the Alderaanian faction - It is hinted that Palpatine has bribed and subverted the senate at this point which gives him nearly complete control over the Empire.

Albus Terrek and Obi-Wan has a clash - Terrek notices that Palpatine molded Anakin into a weapon - the opposite of what he was supposed to be. Obi-Wan is still full of himself that Anakin won’t fail him, despite Anakin and Obi-Wan’s strained friendship at this point.

Anakin and Nellith has a clash as well - Nellith is trying to restore the Republic, Anakin believes in the Empire’s authotarian way; to do everything it takes for Order. Anakin believes he is doing all of this for his future with Nellith - he believes his destiny is to have a family with her and live a peaceful life on a peaceful galaxy, and he will achieve it no matter what. Palpatine supports him.

Maul manages to locate the Kaliburr crystal - which gives him access to Korriban. He plans to start the trials of the Sith and become the “Starkiller”, the Sith’s Chosen One. He has a one last mission: to attack the Republic in Coruscant and kill Anakin Skywalker

The power struggle between Nellith-Mon Mothma and Tarkin is raging - which puts Anakin at the center. Nellith is refusing to line up with the Empire; Anakin is blaming the Alderaanian Rebellion for turning Nellith against what Anakin is trying to achieve: a peacful Galaxy for the two of them to raise a family peacefully.

Palpatine reveals the truth to Anakin: He was a member of the team that searched for the Chosen One, but the search stopped because Yoda discovered the Prophecy of the Starkiller; Anakin instantly makes the connection with what Maul told him on EP2. He loses faith on his destiny as a Jedi completely and now there is no way back. He confronts Obi-Wan and declares that he is going to kill Maul by himself, and that he won’t let him to stand on his way. He orders Obi-Wan to leave the Republic and hide.

Anakin eventually locates Maul on Palpatine’s palace, when Palpatine admits that he was the Sith Lord. Before Anakin can react - a violent duel between him and Maul starts. Anakin remembers everything Maul did during this 7 years of War - from Qui-Gon to the Nelvaanians, and eventually defeats him by fully using the Dark Side. Anakin kills Maul.

Anakin admits that Palpatine is too powerful to be killed - he understands that his destiny is to become the Starkiller so he can end all the conflicts in the Galaxy and bring back Order and peace with the strongest Forces in the Dark Side, and eventually defeat Palpatine from within once he fully managed to fulfill his potential in the Dark Side. He pledges himself as Palpatine’s Dark Apprentice and as a Dark Jedi Knight. He is given complete control over the Empire’s fleets and goes on a viloent rampage across the Galaxy - to hunt down the remaining Jedi Knights and the Republican soldiers that are working with Obi-Wan and Bail Organa’s rebellion.

Meanwhile, Palpatine orders Tarkin to destroy the Senate tower. Palpatine blames the Jedi rebellion for its destruction, which gives him the public support he needs to declare himself Emperor and turn the public against the Jedi and the Rebellion.

On his rampage, Anakin kills Republican soldiers and Jedi Knights that we met earlier on the trilogy, which builds him up as the new Villain taking Maul’s role as Palpatine’s enforcer.

In Aquilaean, Obi-Wan and Bail are leading the Rebellion forces - the remaining human Republican soldiers that are opposing the Empire, against the Empire’s Clone Army. This is the first Battle of the Empire and the Rebels. The Jedi Knights are facing their worst enemy, Palpatine’s Empire; led by non other then Anakin himself.

Nellith has her own sub-plot as well. After failing to oppose the Empire, she escapes to the Rebellion base on Yavin. She knows Anakin was decieved by Palpatine, and she is going to dedicate herself to save him from himself.

Anakin is commanding the Empire’s Star Destroyers, and after becoming powerful enough in the Dark Side, Palparine sends him to Korriban, to start the trials of the Starkiller. Nellith has a tracker on him, while Obi-Wan has a tracker on her…

In Korriban, Anakin is guided by Dark Side cultists and Palpatine’s hologram on the Sith fortress. He is experiencing visions of Nellith getting tortured and killed - visions of the Galaxy in ruins. Anakin unlocks a new level of power in the Dark Side, shaking the entire Sith fortress and becoming a complete fighting machine and a weapon. His path to becoming Vader is nearly complete.

Eventually, he is stopped by Nellith. After a long conversation, Obi-Wan shows up. Anakin believes Nellith betrayed him, he chokes her but Obi-Wan explains that he followed her. Anakin releases her. After Obi-Wan tries to redeem Anakin, Anakin rejects him. A violent duel starts between the two, where Anakin is losing control and fully submits to the Dark Side.

Yoda and Palpatine are dueling through the Force - Palpatine reveals his new ability: Force Storm (like in Dark Empire)

As Anakin and Obi-Wan duel is heating, Anakin is completely consumed by the Dark Side. Obi-Wan eventually manages to target Anakin’s injuries and win. He tries to save Anakin, who falls from the mountain.

Palpatine and Yoda’s force Battle ends in a draw.

At the final, Tarkin locates Anakin on Korriban and he is reconstructed into Vader. Palpatine lies to Anakin that he killed Nellith; Vader shakes the entire room.

Vader ends the trilogy as the opposite of Luke; While Luke finished as a champion and a savior with all of his friends, Vader is absolutely alone; full of hate and anger.

On Yavin, it is revealed that Anakin’s Force Choke strained Nellith and shorted her life span. It is revealed that she is pregnant. Obi-Wan and Bail decide that she will be sent to Dagboah into hiding.

Obi-Wan has a final conversation with Yoda through the Force, admitting his mistakes and arrogancy that caused Anakin’s fall.

Obi-Wan goes to an exile on Tatooine, and the Episode ends with him watching the binary sunset with a hopeful look on his face, with Owen and Beru watching him at the background.




Had Abbadon - The Dark Worlds Alliances’ capital and Darth Maul’s base of operations




This is a short list, there are more Planets in the trilogy that are meant to give the feel of the OT

Background characters:

I tried to write memorable background characters that will stand up to the original OT supporting cast, for example:

Prince Bail Organa, whom Obi-Wan serves under.

King Val Organa, Bail’s father and basically and older version of Duke Leto from Dune

Jedi Knight Buzz Kraken who is an homage to Spock from Star Trek

Albus Terrek, the Grand Master of the Jedi Order who is an allegory to Albus Dumbledore

Jedi Knight Boodikka

General Doc Newton - A Republican soldier that fights under Obi-Wan Kenobi and one of the first Rebels

This is also a short list to give you the idea. There are more characters in the story treatments

This rewrite combines elements from Lucas’ original drafts and the Expanded Universe, with inspirations from non-Star Wars media such as Smallville, Green Lantern, a bit of Lord of the Rings, Dune and Harry Potter

The Clone Wars is based on how Zahn described them (including the timelines)

The aesthetics are pretty much based on Dark Empire and Lucas’ original drafts (which were adapted into comic books) with the vibes of the Original trilogy

The Jedi Knights are a cross of Arthurian Knights and the Green Lantern corps

Like the Millennium Falcon, the main ship in the trilogy is the Shadow Hawk, a ship that Anakin inherited from Qui-Gon\

DV-4 is Anakin’s droid sidekick much like what R2 is to Luke. C3PO and R2 are Bail Organa and Nellith’s droids

Anakin’s arc is based on Luke from the OT and is meant to mirror him. The naive Hero’s Journey character, the themes, inner struggles, etc. He basically starts as Luke from Episode 4 and ends as Lucifer or Darth Caedus from the OT (Fallen Angel/scarred war hero with an I did what I had to do attitude)

Anakin’s arc is also an allegory to King Arthur and Lancelot

We see Anakin’s visual transition from man to machine and from Anakin to Vader as the trilogy progresses. For example, in Episode 1 he is still far away from Vader, but in Episode 2 he already has a Dark Jedi tunic (this suit or something akin to Luke’s EP6 suit) and loses his hand in the final duel with Maul; in Episode 3 he is basically Vader in everything but name and armor, which means his hair is longer in a way which makes Anakin’s shadow identical to Vader, he has a black Dark Jedi tunic which mirrors Luke’s Dark Empire suit. As Anakin hunts down more Jedi Knights, he is sustaining more and more injuries and scars, which eventually damages his ability to breath and causes him to breath heavily. He also gets multiple injuries on his legs which causes him to fight in a slower style and needs droids around him to take care of his injuries and metal plates that will minimize the damage he sustained.

Obi-Wan is meant to be a slightly older and calmer variation of Hal Jordan (mainly in Episode 1)

Alderaan is a space composite of England and France

The Republic are a futurist US

Palpatine is supposed to be a space version of Rupert Murdoch if he was POTUS, with some elements from Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan combined with loose elements from John Milton (The devil’s advocate) and Voldemort

The Imperial Party are meant to be a conversative militant party, slightly like how liberals view Reagan’s GOP

Tarkin is loosely based on Newt Gingrich

Mon Mothma is a younger Hilary Clinton, Bail is a Bill Clinton type figure

There is a constant use of flames that are surrounding Palpatine, Anakin and Maul, as both are having elements from the Devil (or Lucifer in Anakin’s case). At first Maul is a menacing Dark Side warrior so the flames are meant to emphasize his power in the Dark Side. As Anakin becomes Dark Jedi Knight, the flames are surrounding him as well as he is hunting down more Jedi Knights (which is an homage to Lucifer).

For the story treatments:

Episode 1:

Episode 2

Episode 3


Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3


I would have written it in such a way that it could have fit with the pre-1999 established EU. Therefore I would have depicted the Sith Order in the same way it’s depicted in the Old Republic video games and comics, with Palpatine and Vader being the ones that established the Rule of Two after the creation of the Empire.
I wouldn’t have changed the name of the characters. Padmé can’t become Nellith. She’s Padmé, and she still looks like Natalie Portman. End of the story.
Since the non-attachment rule doesn’t play any relevant role in this rewrite, I wouldn’t have introduced it at all, and I will have made it clear that the Jedi can actually marry and have a family.
I still would have found a way to have Anakin’s wife die at the end of the Trilogy, because having her death happen offscreen between the PT and the OT is pretty silly for me, and it makes everything overly complicated. Furthermore, to solve the problem posed by Leia’s line in Return of the Jedi, I would have simply established that Force-sensitives have a more developed memory than normal people, and therefore can remember everything from the moment they were born, thus explaining why Leia can remember her mother even though she died as soon as she was born.
The rest is pretty solid.

“Sometimes we must let go of our pride, and do what is requested to us.”
– Anakin Skywalker