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My Star Wars Saga Episodes 1-6 Edits (2/6 available) (WIP) — Page 4


No, because there’s no footage of him doing so unfortunately. If I had like full control I would replace the youngling scene with a whole duel of him fighting like 3 Jedi Masters, but I’m limited with by the footage that’s, you know, actually been shot.

And the VFX aren’t being done by me.

Link to thread for my Star Wars fan-edits:
Other fan-edits include “This is Tokyo” (combination of original 1954 Gojira and the 1956 Americanization) and Heisei Godzilla Series Remaster.

And finally, proud creator of Dinosauria: Ascension, Domination, Downfall.


madmanasunder said:

Hey G&G-Fan,

I’d be really interested in checkout out the edits you have done. I’m very curious to see if I end up liking Jar Jar in your Phantom Menace cut 😄!

I like his Jar Jar