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My Star Wars Rewrites


I promised in another thread a few months ago that I would start a rewrite and here it is (or rather the first part).Sit back and Enjoy
Episode 1 A New Hope
Episode 2 Empire Strikes Back
(I’m going with The Machete Order for this so we will see the Prequels first before ROTJ for the context. However nothing about these two films is changed except for the numbering)
Episode 3 The Clone Wars
It begins after Luke has returned to Dagobah shortly after Bespin ranting to Yoda and Ben’s force ghost about how they lied to him about his parentage and asking for the truth. They respond that it was not the right time for Luke to know as he has to kill Vader however because it’s out in the open now they tell him to swim in The River of Souls where all will be revealed to him. The River is on Dagobah and within it contains the memories of every force wielder who ever lived; you just have to think about what you want to see. The river looks mostly clear but faint shimmering lights can be seen at the right angle. Luke submerges himself and as his eyes widen the screen fades to pure white before being replaced by a view of Nal Hutta.
We see a teenage slave Anakin (19) and his half sister Beru (17) at the market on an errand for their master Watto when behind them they hear a shout and we see Owen Lars (23) dressed like a pilot run up and hug them. Both Anakin and Beru are shocked, remarking that they hadn’t seen him since he had been sold to a new master 5 years before. We learn that all three of them grew up together as slaves with Owen an orphan being taken under the wing of Anakin and Beru’s mother Andreth who died a few years later leaving Owen as a sort of protector figure. Owen reveals that his master freed him on his deathbed and for the past few years he’s been working on a Spice Freighter. He reveals he came back because he finally has enough money to free the both of them much to their delight. The three of them hurry to the slave quarters to talk to Watto but when they get there a delegation from Bothoon the Hutt is waiting and talking to Watto. They want to buy Beru for their masters personal harem much to Owen and Anakins anger. Anakin lashes out and attacks them but is shocked by his slave implant and the goons start to beat him until Owen draws a blaster which leads to a standoff. Owen then states his intentions to buy both of them their freedom dumping a huge bag of outer rim currency his entire life savings on the table prompting negotiations but in the end the price for bribing Bothoon is so high that Owen with the rest of his savings can only buy one of them their freedom. Owen chooses Beru much to his regret even though Anakin tells him it was the right choice. Anakin then goes to see Beru and Owen leaving and before he goes Owen hugs Anakin while quietly slipping a small blaster to him whispering “when you see an opportunity run”. They leave and then Anakin is taken back to Wattos shop where he is beaten within an inch of his life for embarrassing his master in front of Bothoons mercenaries. After the beating Anakin climbs onto the top of The Slave quarters looking into the setting sun as the music plays.
We cut to Alderaan where the royal court including Prince Bail is in the throne room negotiating with Darth Vader a member of the Knights of the Balance a splinter group of forceweilders founded by Jard Dooku because of his frustration with the conservative Jedi Order. Darth is also a representative of the Clone Masters who have been waging wars on and off again for the past 100 years with the Republic and now the Empire (which was set up because of the constant war. However it is not evil yet). Alderaan however is a neutral system who trades with both factions because of vast natural resources. The Royal Court refuses to give in to Darth’s demands which would make the planet a glorified puppet. In response the Clone Troopers he has with him raise their guns while Darth ignites his Yellow Lightsaber and after a short firefight the government of Alderaan surrenders allowing more Clonemaster ships to land. However during the fighting Bail escapes and he will gather a force to resist the invaders in Guerrilla warfare (this force much later on will become the core of the Rebel Alliance).
We then cut to six months later where Anakin is fixing a pod-racer for Watto who’s champion Sebulba is preparing for a race. Both Watto and Sebulba are talking about it while also bulling Anakin who ignores them though his face is contorted with silent rage.During his masters conversation a member of a rival gang barges in to Wattos shop and in that moment manages to kill Sebulba before quickly being killed. Watto is furious because now he is going to lose his bet however Anakin chimes in saying that he always flew the Pod Racer on test runs so he should race tomorrow. Watto despises the idea but he sees that there is no other option considering the date so he accepts though he threatens to kill him if he fails.
We cut to the next day where a large cheering crowd has gathered to watch the race and Anakin suits up and with Watto removing the Slave chip for the race. Anakin walks out into the Arena and is stunned by the crowd and the noise as well as the intimidating other racers but he pats his secret weapon Owen gave him for reassurance. He then has an idea and a smile crosses his face.
End of Part 1…

Everything after Empire Strikes Back is shit.