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My High School Experience Sucked — Page 5


Wow, you guys really added a lot of good stuff to this thread while I was gone!


TheBoost said:

DuracellEnergizer said:

Not that I would have graduated anyway; in this stupid part of Canuckistan you can't graduate without raking up points from doing some 24-odd hours of work experience first.

 Doesn't sound so bad. Here in California there are lots of kids who graduate, are not college bound, and don't even know what an honest day of work looks like.

 When you suffer from social anxiety disorder and your own parents are too indifferent to encourage you to go for it, it does get that bad.


Ghostbusters said:

Canuckistan, are you referring to Canada? So you didn't graduate high school because of a girl? How's life going? Would you mind elaborating on this story, sounds tasty. 

It's a bittersweet tale of 3½ years of unrequited love which cuminated in a rejected marriage proposal, vandalism of public property, and a week's stay in the hospital to guage my psychological state.

Sufficit to say, I am now a wiser person; all delusional thoughts of romance have been quashed inside me and I now hate 99% of chick flicks with a fiery passion.


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