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My Godfather-Esque Star Wars Saga


I wrote this all in one sitting and it’s a bit out there. I’m now not sure if my ideas are any good tbh but I’m going to show you all anyways
Episode 1 A New Hope: Only the numbering has changed

Episode 2 The Empire Strikes Back: Only the numbering has changed

Episode 3 Ghosts of the Past:

Luke after swimming in “The River of Souls” sees visions of the past (like Bran from GOT). Throughout the movie he has these visions (3 in total) and after each vision he then talks to Spirit Obi Wan and Yoda about it (think Arabian Nights or Name of the Wind). I’m not sure what the conversations are like but it starts out with Luke being angry at them for lying and then slowly morphs into Zen like acceptance.

Vision 1: Luke sees his father Anakin Skywalker and his sister Beru Skywalker as Slaves on Nal Hutta where Owen shows up to buy them their freedom as he was an orphan slave that was taken in by Anakin’s mother before being sold 5 years ago. He was freed on his master’s deathbed and now works on a spice freighter. However, mercenaries of _____ the Hutt visit Anakin and Beru’s master because they want Beru for their master’s harem. After a tense standoff where Owen pulls out a gun to threaten them they bribe the Mercenaries to not take Beru. That only leaves enough money to free one of them and Owen and Anakin decide Beru should be the one freed. Just before they leave Owen gives Anakin a small easily hidden blaster.

Anakin after being taken back to his master’s shop is brutally beaten within an inch of his life. Anakin then climbs on the roof of the shop and watches the sunset with tears running down his face as the twin suns theme plays. Then we see Anakin 6 months later working on the skyhopper of his master’s favorite champion in the Skyhopper races. The champion and Anakins master verbally abuse Anakin before thugs burst into the room and shoot the champion leaving Anakin’s master with no choice but to have Anakin race instead.

On the day of the race the slave chip is removed just for the race and Anakin gets an idea. He shoots his master in the face with Owens small blaster and then jumps on the Skyhopper while being chased by guards around Nal Hutta. Eventually Anakin is shot down and cornered and is about to be executed before a Imperial (The Empire has been around for 1000 years after the fall of the Jedi due to civil war and the first Clone War and it is a stagnating feudal entity but not under the control of the dark side yet ) Navy Recruiter stops it and recruits him due to his flying abilities

Vision 2: This is in the final battle of the 6th Clone War with The Empire fighting against the Clone Masters led by the brutal and insane General Grievous who is like his 2003 Clone Wars version but instead he wields Electro Staffs. It is a brutal Verdun style quagmire. We see Owen and Anakin fighting in the air before they both get shot down. We also learn through conversation that Owen and Beru got married and are expecting a child. Because of Anakin’s quick thinking and charisma he and Owen lead a squadron of men who were about to rout because they have lost their commander into the Clonemaster stronghold which is built on top of an Old Republic ruin. They face General Grievous in his last stand. The battle is a curbstomp with everyone except Anakin and Owen being killed. The battle has also completely destroyed the facility leaving the ruins exposed including a figure trapped in ancient carbonite. As Anakin shields the injured Owen from Greviouses attacks a Red lightsaber cuts through Grievous killing him. As he collapses to the ground we see a red and black figure wielding a lightsaber. Anakin asks who he is and the figure simply states that he is called Maul before disappearing. Anakin and Owen are left in the facility/ruins with the carbonite. Something about it draws Anakin’s attention and despite Owens protests he walks up and frees a bearded man from it. The man falls bonelessly to the floor and it seems like he is dead but then he takes a shuddering breath. Anakin in awe runs over and tries to lift him up but fails. He frantically asks the bearded stranger who he is and what happened but the man can only hoarsely whisper “Satine? Where is Satine. Why can’t I see?” Owen, still mistrustful, says that he has advanced hibernation sickness and will probably die soon.

Anakin says they have to get him to the field hospital and Owen helps carry him across the muddy battlefield to the trenches. In the field hospital Captain Tarkin and a squad of Inquisitors (more like the Spanish inquisition) storm in and take the man away saying he is dangerous and must be interrogated. Anakin tries to intervene and gets punched in the face and can only watch in anger as they take the man away to their “private facilities”

Vision 3:We cut to later on a star destroyer on route to Had Abaddon and Owen Beru (who works on the ship as a technician to be close to her husband) and Anakin talking about the strange events that transpired. Anakin wants to find out more about the bearded man while Owen just wants to forget about it. Owen calls it a night but Anakin and Beru keep talking. She gives him an access card to get down to the level the strange man is housed in with a wink. Anakin thanks her profusely and sneaks down.

The man is in the detention center and he looks better than earlier though still weak (he was treated for his hibernation sickness but only because the Empire wants to interrogate him later). He and Anakin talk and he says his name is Obi Wan and that he is a Knight of the Republic. He then asks what the year is because nobody would give him a straight answer. Anakin tells him and Obi Wan is in shock. He has been frozen for 1000 years. Obi Wan mentions the force and Anakin is confused because he has barely heard of it. Obi Wan then gives him a basic rundown and tells Anakin that he is strong in it,something Anakin scoffs at. Obi Wan then asks if Anakin could help him escape and Anakin agrees. They begin to formulate a plan for several days and Anakin springs it into action. Owen and Beru get caught up in the firefight and Beru is shot in her pregnant stomach. The four of them escape in an imperial shuttle and jump to hyperspace though they don’t know where they went exactly because they punched in the first numbers that came up because of the hurry they were in. They land on Tatooine and get Beru patched up though the child is dead and she can’t have any more.

Owen is furious about this and punches Obi Wan before Anakin intervenes. He says they need to sell the shuttle and then figure out what to do next. Owen, seeing how far away from the fighting Tatooine is, says they should stay here and become moisture farmers. Anakin says they shouldn’t leave everything behind and Obi Wan agrees. Owen reluctantly lets Anakin go. They split the money half for Owen and Beru to start a new life and half for Anakin and Obi Wan so they can get offworld. Anakin suggests they go to Alderaan which is near mythical in The Empire as the last remnant of The Old Republic and it’s values. It is a neutral zone between the Empire and The Chiss Hegemony so the Empire cannot interfere.

Anakin and Obi Wan go looking for a smuggler to get them in and find a roguish 30 year old man by the name of Darth Vader. They get to Alderaan and the King and Prince are overjoyed to have a real Jedi amongst them. They are the last outpost of Force believers. They are beginning to find allies to stage a revolt against the Empire to restore The Old Republic.

They stage a dinner for them even if Vader is hesitant because Obi Wan said the force was strong with him too even though he is a skeptic. During the celebrations Obi Wan is presented with an ancient lightsaber while we meet Padme Amidala and Yina Jade who are both handmaidens to the queen of Aldeeran.

They strike up a friendship with Anakin and Vader. However the ceremony is interrupted by an attack by the light saber wielder from earlier,Maul leading a squadron of mysterious battle droids. He attacks Obi Wan and they fight throughout the palace halls all the while Anakin,Darth,Padme and Yina fight the droids along with the guards and during the fight the 4 showcase they have force abilities. It is revealed Maul was on the opposite side in the Jedi Civil War 1000 years previous and that he killed Obi Wan’s brother Ben making them mortal enemies. Obi Wan in shock asks how he survives and Maul answers “The Dark Side of the force is a pathway to much you wouldn’t understand feeble Jedi”. However in the end Maul is driven off when more soldiers arrive. Obi Wan vows to help Alderaan’s rebellion and decides to take Anakin,Padme,Darth and Yina under his wing to restart the Jedi Order.

Interspersed though not as liberally is scenes of Leia and the Rebellion.

They find a new base on a grass planet and Leia and Lando want to go look for Han but are rebuffed. Leia,Lando,Chewbacca and R2 sneak into Had Abbadon for intel on the Empire’s next plans but also secretly want information on Han.

The info they find however is much worse. Vader’s psychic connection with Luke means the Empire knows where he is and is planning a strike team to capture him led by the Emperor’s hand Mara Jade.

They race back to Kashyyyk and inform the Rebels and manage to convince them to intercept the strike team.

Meanwhile Luke is getting ready for another vision quest when elite Stormtroopers land and capture him all while a huge space battle rages above. Mara Jade herself personally confronts Yoda who doesn’t resist and is calm the whole time saying that it’s not too late to be free of the emperor and that joining the dark side wasn’t her choice she was forced into it. This shakes Mara to the core and she strikes Yoda down. The rebels get their ass handed to them and have to retreat with their tails between their legs. Back on grass planet Leia is stripped of her rank due to the fiasco and she leaves with Lando Chewie and the droids to search for Han. We then cut to an imperial holding cell on a Star Destroyer where Luke sits quietly meditating while Mara watches through the force field perplexed and angry.

Episode 4 Redemption:

We begin with Leia and Lando on Tatooine looking at Jabba’s Palace where they have tracked Han to. They get a plan to get inside posing as bounty hunters bringing in Chewbacca. The palace is pretty similar to the one in RTOJ though NO SONG. Once everyone is asleep Lando and Leia try to get Han out of the carbonite. They get him out but are,of course,captured with Lando pitted against the Rancor. The Rancor scene is the exact same as in ROTJ.

We cut to The Emperor’s palace with Luke being tortured by the Emperor and Mara while Vader watches uncomfortably but he refuses to break yet. After yet another failed attempt they leave him in his cell. Luke is pale and gaunt from a year of torture and imprisonment.

We see The Emperor with Mara and Vader walking in a part of the imperial palace. Mara is telling the Emperor that Luke will never break and how they should just kill him but the emperor is not convinced by her argument. Vader just walks along silent deep in thought. He goes into his room which is like the chamber in ESB and we see him fully out of his armour and be taken care of by medical droids. The ghost of Obi Wan appears and tells Vader that he is dying and will eventually have to choose. Vader tells him to get out of his sight and that his devotion to the dark side has never been stronger but it is half hearted. It is obvious that Obi Wan’s spirit has been visiting him for a while and that this is an old argument.

We then cut back to Tatooine where Chewie,Lando and Han are going to be fed to the Sarlacc pit. Han and Lando still don’t trust each other and Han tells him that if he weren’t restrained he would choke Lando to death right here and now. They escape similar to how they did in the movie though there is no light saber action. During the fight Boba Fett aims a shot at Han but hits Lando instead. Fett escapes and on the speeder ride back to the falcon Lando dies,forgiven by Han in an emotional scene.

We cut back to an imprisoned and nearly blind Luke diving back into the past to learn (Yoda’s spirit has been teaching him the way to do it without the river)more but without the River of Souls it strains the eyes and he is nearly blind though the force means he can still sense things. He sees Vader,Anakin,Padme and Yina training on Dagobah with Yoda and Obi Wan. We learn how Obi Wan found Yoda because Yoda called out through the force when he felt Obi Wan was living again. There is a brotherly rivalry between Vader and Anakin though it seems that Vader takes it more seriously. We also see how Anakin and Padme are together and Vaders failed flirting attempts with Yina who looks admiringly at Obi Wan furthering Vader’s jealousy and rage but the rest laugh him off and don’t take it as seriously as they should,only Yoda is concerned.

Luke snaps awake as Mara Jade comes into his cell and demands to know what secrets he knows from Yoda and Obi Wan and why he continues to resist the will of the all powerful emperor. Luke can sense her hesitation and says he knows what yoda told her and that it is never too late and how she is in a prison just as he is. She storms off loudly proclaiming that she will never turn but there is a flicker of hesitation Luke sees.

We then get back to Leia,Han and the gang and they are on the Falcon trying to figure out what to do next. They don’t know where the new rebellion base is and they are wanted in Imperial space. Han suggests they could go to the Wookie homeworld of Kashyyyk because he is friendly with them.They set their course.

We go back to Luke still in the past dreamworld with Yoda’s spirit guiding him. He asks Yoda what happened to the Jedi and what happened to the Republic. Yoda then shows Luke his own memories of that time.

We see a montage of the Jedi of the Old Republic battling droids (with cloned brain matter) during the first Clone War and of the majestic splendour of The Republic capitol of Coruscant. We then see it fall into decay as system after system falls to the droids and the republic gets more and more corrupt.A younger Yoda is seen arguing with a council and then walking away from the temple in disgust. We then see an office where some Jedi including Obi Wan and someone who looks similar are guarding the Chancellor when other Jedi led by Maul enter the room with their sabers lit. They have a heated argument and then the Jedi that looks similar to Obi Wan attacks Maul while Obi Wan screams “Ben NOOO!”but Ben is quickly cut down. The room devolves into a chaotic free for all as the different Jedi Clash with each other. We then see montages of the senate being killed by Jedi,Clone troopers pushing back droids before they revolt and make a state of their own while all over the galaxy monasteries burn. Finally we see Maul being deposed and Jedi of all sides being slaughtered until only a handful are left at a monastery,the same ruins the clonemaster base was built upon centuries later. We see the last few Jedi freezing themselves in carbonite and walling themselves off. We then see the wear and tear of time destroying the carbonite blocks one by one until Obi Wan’s is left. Luke wakes up with tears in his eyes and asks why they should bother to bring the Jedi back if they caused so much suffering and then Yoda sends him images of Jedi doing good, feeding the poor,treating the sick,protecting against monsters etc. Luke’s destiny is to bring back the Jedi as they could be, not as they were. Yoda tells him that it is Mara’s destiny as well. Luke then asks about his father and how could his father be Anakin and Vader at the same time? Yoda tells him it will be revealed to both him and Mara, not just him. Their destinies are intertwined.

Han and Leia go to Kashyyyk and are horrified to see that the empire has been building a huge dyson sphere around it’s sun for a new superweapon (or so everyone thinks). They quickly land and find the wookies who are beaten down and enslaved.

We then see inside the sphere which is full of Aboleth Cultists that scare everyone else on the station.

Luke is brought outside of the palace to a star destroyer along with Mara and Vader. Vader turns to Luke and says he should submit for his own good but Luke calmly refuses and says he senses good in him still and Vader slumps visibly disappointed and shamed while Mara looks back with a thoughtful expression.

Back on Kashyyyk Leia radios the Rebels and even though they dislike her due to the debacle on Dagobah they still think it is an important thing to strike at and pledge support.

Meanwhile on the ship Mara comes to see Luke and confesses grudgingly she has doubts about the emperor and his plans. Luke smiles and offers to teach her the light side of the force. She accepts and they share a vision.

In this vision they see the start of the rebellion against the empire and the battles Anakin,Vader,Padme and Yina as they fight battles,fall in love and search for an artifact called the kyber crystals. Vader in particular is very focused on the crystals as they will enhance his power. We also see Obi Wan’s last fight with Maul and how Maul warns Obi Wan about the crystals and the outer regions saying that there are worse things than dark jedi.We then see Anakin and Padme get married and more of Yina and Vader’s tumultuous love/hate relationship. We also see Vader become friends with a lowly Bureaucrat/Archeologist named Sheev Palpatine who dislikes the present state of the empire but also the rebellion. We learn that Vader is the runaway son of Emperor Constans, the current emperor.

Obi Wan,Palpatine and the other 4 go to the undiscovered regions and find a desolate planet full of magnificent temples where a malevolent force spirit dwells like a mix between Aboleth and Plageus. In the biggest temple is a bunch of cultists and a gigantic corpse sitting on a throne. They are captured and Palpatine is revealed as a cultist himself. The corpse speaks promising power and feeding off their greed and jealousy. Palpatine is chosen as his avatar and he starts to absorb the evil spirit’s essence.Vader is offered the chance of power and wealth finally snaps and Anakin soon follows with them fighting a heated duel to decide who would be aboleth’s right hand while Padme tries to intervene and gets horrifically wounded.

During the distractions Obi Wan destroys the crystal scarring Palpatine as the ritual fails. Obi Wan and a grievously wounded Padme manage to escape. Anakin and Vader kill each other but Palpatine who managed to absorb some of Aboleth/plagiuses essence before Obi Wan disrupted the ritual takes both their souls and melds them and puts them in Vader’s body as Anakin’s has disintegrated in molten magma. Padme dies and the boy is given to Owen and Beru while Vader/Anakin, a captive(pregnant with Vaders child just before they went to the unknown regions) Yina Jade and Palpatine return to the galaxy with an army of cultists and overthrow Emperor Constans in a coup.The Empire is then purged and reformed into a technologically advanced powerhouse while the rebellion is almost completely crushed and Alderaan swears fealty through gritted teeth to avoid destruction. Obi Wan tries to rescue Yina and her young child Mara but Yina dies and Obi Wan is nearly killed.

After seeing this vision both Luke and Mara are stunned but Mara rejects it as some sort of trick and storms off in rage and tears.

They get to the “suncrusher” and at the same time the Rebels attack in a spectacular space battle. Leia leads the Wookies to destroy the shield Generator while Han takes the falcon to fight in space.

Meanwhile on the Suncrusher things go similar to ROTJ until it is revealed that the Sun Crusher is not a superweapon at all. It is a way to transfer souls into different bodies and it takes energy to do ergo sun. Palpatine plans to have Luke and Mara Jade fight and kill the other. Then the victor is the strongest and Palpatine will leave his crippled body and possess theirs. Luke and Mara fight but Luke convinces Mara to stop fighting him and they both throw their weapons on the ground. Palpatine tortures both of them but Vader kills Palpatine and dies. Han dies blowing up the Sun Crusher but Mara and Luke escape.

The Empire has been given a grievous blow but still is out there. Leia becomes part of the rebellion again and is with Hans child. Luke and Mara go off into the Sunset to find other force sensitives

Star Wars Episode 5 Labyrinth of Evil (kinda superfluous) and

Star Wars Episode 6 Triumph of the Jedi:

Are sort of like this: https://www.reddit.com/r/fixingmovies/comments/i27pr4/what_if_the_sequel_trilogy_took_place_immediately/

Only Mara Jade takes the place of Leia and Wedge takes the place of Lando and it is Thrawn who mutinies against the Sith and makes peace with the rebellion splitting the Galaxy in 2 different governments. Empress Ren is a mad clone Vader made of Padme and Jorrus is Obi Wan’s son from 1000 years ago because he was hidden in a force nexus or something. The Vong are here too I think IDK

Everything after Empire Strikes Back is shit.