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Michael Jackson - Long Live The King (Complete Videography) [4K Upscale] - Work In Progress


This is a project I’ve been wanting to do since AI upscaling was first introduced several years ago. The project will have virtually every MJ video released during his career, as well as some bonus features like Making Of’s, Interviews, etc. Obvoiusly, Beat It and Thriller have been officially released in 4K, but I wasn’t too keen on the color correction on either one. Beat It was a little too warm, and Thriller has a strong blue tint that was never present before. Also not a fan of the remastered audio for either as they have a bit of a loudness war thing going on.

All videos will be sourced from numerous DVD and Blu-ray releases, and will include original uncut versions as well as alternate cuts and shortened versions. Below is a list of everything that will be included in the initial release. The bonus features will be done at a later date, but I’m hoping to get the first version out by Christmas.

“Off The Wall” Era:

  1. Don’t Stop 'Til You Get Enough
  2. Rock With You
  3. She’s Out Of My Life

“Thriller” Era:

  1. Billie Jean
  2. Beat It
  3. Thriller
  4. Thriller (Shortened Version)

“Bad” Era:

  1. Bad
  2. Bad (Shortened Version)
  3. The Way You Make Me Feel
  4. The Way You Make Me Feel (Shortened Version)
  5. Man In The Mirror
  6. Dirty Diana
  7. Another Part Of Me
  8. Smooth Criminal
  9. Smooth Criminal (Shortened Version)
  10. Speed Demon
  11. Come Together
  12. Leave Me Alone
  13. Liberian Girl

“Dangerous” Era:

  1. Black Or White (Uncensored Version)
  2. Black Or White (Graffiti Version)
  3. Black Or White (Shortened Version)
  4. Remember The Time
  5. In The Closet
  6. Who Is It
  7. Jam
  8. Heal The World
  9. Give In To Me
  10. Will You Be There
  11. Will You Be There (“Free Willy” Version)
  12. Gone Too Soon (Version 1)
  13. Gone Too Soon (Version 2)

“HIStory” Era

  1. Scream
  2. Childhood
  3. You Are Not Alone (Angel Version)
  4. You Are Not Alone (Standard Version)
  5. Earth Song
  6. They Don’t Care About Us (Brazil Version)
  7. They Don’t Care About Us (Prison Version)
  8. Stranger In Moscow
  9. Blood On The Dance Floor
  10. Blood On The Dance Floor (Refugee Camp Mix)
  11. Ghosts (Uncut Version)
  12. Ghosts (Shortened Version)

“Invincible” Era:

  1. You Rock My World
  2. You Rock My World (Shortened Version)
  3. Cry

All videos will be released in 4K and HD.


Don’t Stop 'Til You Get Enough:

Rock With You:

She’s Out Of My Life:

Billie Jean:



I can see how the AI program is making it sharper and better in some places but it’s also hurting other parts

The biggest example is his sweater in the second cap and his smaller figure in the third looks like watercolors now, so I’d suggest just being careful of the amount of times you use it



Very little AI is being used, only one pass per video with fairly low settings. These screenshots are not final, so they may differ a little from what will be released.

While I agree AI is not ideal, its the only thing that can somewhat save such low quality videos. None of these are ever going to look absolutely perfect. Just trying my best with whats available.


Hi there, great project.

Will you also add every audio available for every shortfilm ? The Unaltered stereo mixes from original DVDs + Surround Mixes and Visions audio remasters ? There are differences from one project to another. I might also be able to help you if you need.


Please, whatever you do, don’t make it 60 fps like every other MJ fan remaster…


woodsyallen said:

Please, whatever you do, don’t make it 60 fps like every other MJ fan remaster…

I wouldn’t dream of it. They’re all at either 23 fps or 29 fps depending on what they were shot on.